Recorders automotive

Dangerous traffic situations are not always clear cut. Sometimes it may turn out that the actual perpetrator of a collision or road accident does not agree with our view of the situation and does not want to take responsibility for a road accident or other road incident. In such a situation, it is worth having a recording captured by a special driving recorder mounted on the windshield or rear window of the car. Thanks to this device, the situation will be clear. The car recorder, as the name suggests, records everything that happens in front of the windshield or behind the rear window of the vehicle, depending on the location. Driving recorders are especially a good choice as a supplement to the car's equipment, especially for drivers who use the car very often, because they are exposed to possible road incidents, which may occur both on the road and in the parking lot. Of course, the car camera will also be useful for occasional drivers and all those who want to have security if they need to defend their case against the insurer or against the police and court.

Car video recorders - what can you use it for

The video recorder is a measuring device whose task is to measure the speed and continuous recording of the image. After installing it in the car, the driver can record the route he covers - the image is saved on a memory card and then it can be put on a digital map (depending on the selected model). Video recorders are especially useful when you need evidence in the form of a recording in the event of a dangerous incident on the road. It is presented to the police, insurance company or at a court hearing. The car camera is not only the ability to record unusual or funny events encountered on the road. It can turn out to be extremely useful in many unusual situations. For example, we can use it for such purposes as the recreational recording of the travelled route. The travelled route is saved in the device memory and can be used for subsequent journeys. If the driving recorders are to be used for multiple route recording, it is worth equipping yourself with a memory card with a capacity sufficiently large for the route length. A very important application of a car camera is also possible road accidents and collisions. The camera footage allows you to prove your innocence. It can also constitute evidence in court (although its truthfulness must be assessed by an expert), as well as when applying for compensation from the insurer. Also, a dashcam will come in handy in the event of an unlawful stop. Sometimes it happens that a driver is fined without justification. It is then worth using the video recorded by the car recorder as evidence. A car camera has another practical use - also to improve technique and driving safety. A video recording can be extremely helpful material that will allow you to eliminate frequent mistakes made on the road, as well as daring driving, threatening the lives of other road users.

Dashcam recorders - wide possibilities and high quality of the recording

Car DVRs differ from each other mainly in terms of technical parameters that directly affect the quality and details of the recorded image. The Botland store offers standard cameras with a good price-quality ratio. We offer, among others models recording in a resolution of 1280x720 equipped with an LCD screen allowing for constant monitoring of the route. In addition, the compact size combined with low weight guarantee high comfort of use. For the proper operation of the video camera, a memory card with a sufficiently large capacity is required, which can also be purchased in the Botland store. For more demanding drivers, we offer DVRs recording in Full HD 1920x1080 px quality, which is distinguished by wide functionality and versatile use. The extremely useful loop recording option allows for unattended operation of the camera. Moreover, the autostart function turns on the camera when the ignition is turned on. Our offer includes recorders equipped with a camera with a wide viewing angle so that everything that happens directly in front of and on the side of the vehicle will be recorded. The use of such additives as HDR and VDR ensures even lighting of all image elements.