Recorders automotive

Car recorders are used not only with professional drivers who a month passing even a few thousand kilometers, but also persons, sometimes siadające driving. Recorded video material is extremely useful not only in the case of road accidents, in which participants cannot determine the culprit, but in a situation when we want to record a route and use it as navigation. In addition, the material from the Registrar can be the main evidence in court and to dispel all doubts concerning a specific event.

Popular registrars automotive

Camera for car differ from each other in the first place, the technical parameters which have direct influence is the detail in the image distortion. In our offer available budget camera, featuring a good balance of price and performance. We offer, in particular, the model recording with a resolution of 1280x720 pixels and is equipped with LCD screen that provides the constant viewing of the route. In addition, the compact size combined with low weight guarantee a high operating comfort. For proper operation of a web camera video requires a memory card, which can also be purchased in our store. For more demanding drivers we offer DVRs recording in Full HD 1920x1080 px, which differ in functionality and versatility. A very useful option of loop recording allows virtually maintenance-free operation of the device. Moreover, the autorun feature is enabled the camera after turning the key in the ignition. In our offer you can find recorders equipped with camera with wide angle up to 170°, so that all that happens in front and on both sides of the vehicle will be registered. The use of additives such as HDR and VDR ensures uniform illumination of all elements of the image.

The use of web cameras for car

Registrars of car available in our range, designed not only to record the route, but also to protect the car during Parking. Some models offered in our shop have a very useful Parking monitoring function, whereby the vehicle is also monitored, for example, at night. Another useful option is the night mode, which allows you to record a good image quality after dark. This is possible through the use of IR LEDs. For people who require maximum protection for your car we highly recommend the webcam recording, both the front rear. Such devices include Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, so you can control with your smartphone or tablet.

A wide selection of DVRs

In our product range, there are cameras for the car are characterized by various application, making the selection of a specific model depending on the user preferences-no problem. Due to the wide operating temperature range devices available in our range, different stable and reliable performance in almost any conditions.