Car charger

Car chargers are very practical and almost indispensable devices during any journey. They allow not only to charge the battery in the phone and other portable multimedia devices but also enable power supply and uninterrupted power supply of popular car navigation systems, without which moving around a large city or on long routes would be much more difficult. In our store, we offer a wide selection of car chargers, characterized by various technical parameters, so that the selection of the appropriate model, tailored to the individual requirements of the user, is not a problem. The chargers available in our store are characterized by high quality and excellent reliability, even during intensive use. Even the most advanced car chargers are characterized by small dimensions and very low weight, thanks to which they do not take up a large amount of space in the interior of the car. What's more, we offer both standard models of chargers in black and white, as well as copies in other colours. Such a variety makes matching the power supply to car upholstery much easier. Car chargers are a small but very useful gadget that will ensure that you never run out of energy again, also on a long journey.

Products by page

Products by page

Car chargers

The offer of our store includes the most standard models of chargers, which are characterized by a good price-quality ratio, as well as high-performance chargers for more demanding users. Basic car power adapters allow you to charge only one device. These types of models are intended for drivers who almost always travel without passengers and do not need to recharge the batteries in, for example, the phone and the camera at the same time. Our store offers both chargers with a cable and chargers with a USB connector. For more demanding users, we recommend extremely functional car chargers that allow you to simultaneously power and charge the battery of even several devices at the same time. The chargers we offer are distinguished by very effective and trouble-free operation, even during intensive use. In our offer, you will find not only popular models with standard USB ports but also USB C-type and USB 3.0, which guarantees extremely fast charging of devices supporting Quick Charge technology. What's more, our offer also includes power sockets for cars with crocodile clamps enabling direct connection to the battery, RA-1 and RA-2 cables with a photovoltaic panel socket and a plug, car sockets, extremely useful splitters, adapters from the power socket to the car socket, handles and many other accessories.

High performance and a wide range of applications

Although in most cases car adapters are used to charge mobile phones and navigation, you can also use them to charge batteries in cameras, video cameras and power banks. Car chargers available in our store, due to the illuminated ports, are intended, among others, for drivers who travel frequently at night. This type of solution not only improves the comfort of use but also improves safety.

Green Cell chargers

Travelling is not only getting from A to B. Often, during the journey, but passengers also have to work remotely - for this purpose they use a laptop and a phone. The navigation system and GPS help the driver to reach their destination in the shortest possible time. However, these devices discharge faster as a result of intensive use. Recharging while travelling (without stopping and looking for the nearest socket) is a must. Charging during the trip turns out to be needed. The car charger is connected to the cigarette lighter socket and, importantly, in the case of Green Cell models, we do not have to worry about what kind of car we have and what socket we have, because they work with all types of sockets - both 12 V and 24 V. Depending on the model allow you to easily charge your laptop, phone and other mobile equipment (or several at once). You can also buy Green Cell chargers in the offer of the Botland store.