GPS trackers

GPS trackers are not just for tracking the route of the car, but also for tracking postal items, valuables and Luggage. In our store you will find a wide variety of models, differing from each other by purpose and technical parameters. Simple and intuitive operation allows the use of this type of equipment, even people with no experience. Locators for car are characterized by small size and relatively low weight, so are very unobtrusive and almost unnoticeable. In addition, high-performance fittings ensure long working time on a single charge.

GPS trackers for car

In our offer you will find not only models for vehicle tracking, but also incredibly functional personal locators and instances, intended to track the current location of the animal. GSM module and GPS, equipped with a magnet, can be installed virtually anywhere inside the vehicle. Location data from the device are sent directly to the server and can be downloaded quickly via the app. In addition, GPS trackers available in our store, may operate in idle mode when the location information is not needed. In this case, the equipment requires only a small amount of energy, so that the operation time increases significantly. The second mode is the constant reporting of the current situation, so in case of theft, the presence of the vehicle it is only a matter of time. Our equipment can operate reliably in a wide temperature range, making feature universal use. Automobile locators with integrated slotowi to the SIM card, can send notifications, such as exceeding a specified group or movement with too high speed. In addition, the range of shops available Botland special transducers that are designed for localization, thanks to which the tracking device never runs out of power.

Personal locators

In this category you will also find locators designed to keep track of the current position of children and loved ones. We offer, in particular, the device is in the form of a stylish watch that in addition to the functions, location, counting steps and instantly notify individuals about finding devices outside of the designated zone. In addition, the SOS function if necessary sends the alarm message. Using free apps like on the Android operating system, like iOS, tracking can be carried out from virtually anywhere in the world. Compact size and extremely light weight of our equipment ensures comfortable use in all conditions. Personal locators are extremely useful not only for the field but also in everyday situations.

Other GPS trackers

The locators are designed for Pets available in our store, have a high resistance to mechanical damage and adverse weather conditions. In addition, the use of Wi-Fi module and Bluetooth, making the device very high accuracy and allows you to quickly find dog, cat, or other animals. In addition to GPS locators, our range is also available subscription and extra batteries, and quick chargers are only compatible with certain models.