Fuses automotive

Automotive fuses plays a very important role in any vehicle. In case one gets corrupted, air conditioning, electrically lower the glass, a sound signal or other important elements of the car may stop working. Replacing the fuse is simple and uncomplicated, so they will cope with it even novice driver with little experience. But that all went smoothly, first you must find place where are located the sensors. Typically manufacturers cover their cover, which must be removed. Next step is to determine which fuse has failed. After removing the damaged element, usually visible to the naked eye that is open. The replacement consists in clicking in the right place new, serviceable fuse. Before this procedure is also make sure that the fuse that you call has the appropriate amperage. This information you'll find on the cover or in the surrounding area.

Types of car fuses

The store Botland, you will find ready-made kits consisting of all the main fuses, and separate models. Depending on needs, you can choose the instance, which at the moment you need, or protect yourself from an unexpected breakdown. Automotive fuses sold in our store are made of clear plastic, which facilitates the diagnosis. We offer, in particular, the fuses in the size of MIDI, that is 19 mm, differing from each other by color and therefore, and by appointment. Red models are characterized by a current of 10 or 50 A, the blue instance 15 or 60 But popular yellow fuse 20 A, while the white or transparent model 25 A. green labeled fuses with a current of 30 A and 35 A. the purple Color is beige or light brown is designed for 5 A, while the dark brown 7,5 A. fuse models identified as the Mini, the question of color is a twin, but smaller than 8 mm and is 11 mm.

Fuses automotive - additional information

In our product range there are also sets in which in addition to the fuses comes with a sample. With it, quickly check the voltage in case of a failure in the electric network. It is worth remembering that the selection of an appropriate fuse is extremely important, as in the case of using, for example, an instance is characterized by a greater amperażem may lead to collapse of the entire electrical circuit. After replacement, it is worth checking what was the reason the fuse blows in the future to avoid similar situations. Spare fuses automotive must be in every car. They are characterized by small size, so during everyday driving, almost imperceptible, and in case of any problems, allow you to make quick repairs.