The breathalyzer is an extremely useful device used not only professional drivers but also those who regularly sit behind the wheel. The safety of both driver and passengers and other road users is very important, so in our store you will find a wide variety of models, characterized by high quality workmanship, accurate measurement of alcohol content and compact size, providing a full mobility. Unfortunately, we do not always have the possibility of using the stationary camera, the more portable in-car breathalyzer is indispensable not only during trips but also for every day.

Alkomaty disposable and semiconductor

In Botland store you will find all the most popular models available on the market. For budget-conscious drivers who plan to use this type of products only occasionally, we offer alkomaty disposable, which differ in the technology of red-ox provides high-precision measurements practically in any conditions. Furthermore, use of read scale allows you to quickly read the concentration of alcohol in exhaled air. One of the biggest advantages of this type of product are compact in size, making the breathalyzer will fit in a jacket pocket or small bag. In our offer you will find also devices, solid state drives, characterized by an extremely highly accurate measurement and wide scale. The short response time combined with quick cooking straw for the first attempt to do that on the models are very comfortable to use. Furthermore, additional protection in the form of an audible signal, informing the user not only a wrong attempt, but also is too high the alcohol content in exhaled air and low voltage, to certify the test results. Moreover, the easy-to-read display provides fast read result, and the attached pouch for easy storage of the device.

Alkomaty electrochemical

In our assortment you will find also models employed in electrochemical technology. We offer alkomaty featuring a very wide range of measurement, ranging from 0 to 4 ‰. In addition, the set includes replacement mouthpieces for hygienic use of the device for several people. Model electronic, fed by powerful batteries, providing stable operation of the equipment over a long period. In Botland store you will find automobile breathalyzer is equipped with a platinum sensor provides even more accurate results in a wide range of operating temperature.

Additional functionality

In this category you will find models that characterized the last 10 or even 20 measurements, whereby the user can easily check the history of measuring the concentration of alcohol in exhaled air. As alkomaty semiconductor, Electromechanical differ in the small sizes, making them extremely discreet and not apparent. In addition, every breathalyzer has a manual which should be read before the first use, so the measurement was performed correctly.