As it turned out, the breathalyzer is a very practical and useful measuring device that is used not only by professional drivers but also by people who use the car occasionally as a driver. The priority is to ensure the safety of the driver, passengers and other road users. For this reason, the Botland store has prepared a wide range of breathalyzers, which are characterized by high quality, high accuracy of alcohol concentration measurement in the exhaled air, and small and lightweight, which ensures easy operation and comfort of use both at home and during long journeys. This is a particularly important advantage because it is not always possible to use a breathalyzer at uniformed services, such as military services or police headquarters. Besides, it should be remembered that the concentration of alcohol in the body changes dynamically in real-time and it is necessary to take more than one measurement to obtain an accurate result. Usually, two or three measurements should be taken. Therefore, taking into account the costs of measurement, it should be taken into account that one test may even cost the equivalent of three disposable breathalyzers. Therefore, the more portable car breathalyzer is an excellent solution not only during trips but also daily.

Disposable and electronic breathalyzers

The Botland store sells the most popular models of breathalyzers available on the market. For occasional drivers who plan to use alcohol concentration measurement in the body, we recommend disposable breathalyzers, operating based on the red-ox technology ensuring precise measurements in virtually all conditions. The easy-to-read scale provides an easy and quick reading of the alcohol concentration in the exhaled air. One of the biggest advantages of this type of product is its small size, thanks to which the breathalyzer can easily fit into a pocket of clothes, as well as a small bag or backpack. We also offer electronic breathalyzers, which ensure very accurate measurement and a wide measuring range. Preparation for the measurement and the measurement procedure itself takes place very quickly, thanks to which the semiconductor breathalyzers are very simple and comfortable to use. Thanks to the readable display, reading the measurement result is very easy. The set includes a cover that makes it easy to store and carry the breathalyzer. In an electronic breathalyzer, the alcohol oxidizing on the electrode surface causes an increase in the conductance of the semiconductor element in the measuring circuit. Changes in the resistance of the p-n junction are correspondingly equal to the alcohol content in the measurement cycle. However, this type of sensor is not only sensitive to alcohol. Fluctuations may also be caused by other substances, such as nicotine, acetone, as well as hydrocarbons and substances derived from tobacco smoke, which may have a direct influence on the false measurement results. You can avoid mistakes by following the instructions and rinsing your mouth with water before testing.

Electrochemical breathalyzers

Our offer also includes electrochemical breathalyzers, which are characterized by a very wide measuring range, ranging from 0 to even 4 ‰. The device comes with interchangeable mouthpieces that allow the device to be used by several people with the basic principles of safe hygiene. Breathalyzers are powered by efficient batteries, ensuring stable operation for a long time. The offer also includes a car breathalyzer equipped with a platinum sensor that provides even more precise results in a wide range of operating temperatures. In devices with these sensors, the measurement of alcohol concentration is based on the phenomenon of electrochemical oxidation of ethanol as a result of the action of chemical compounds on the controlled electrode potential. In this process, the alcohol is converted into acetic acid, which releases electrons and creates an electric current. Its concentration is proportional to the amount of alcohol present in the exhaled air. The fuel cell used in this sensor is ethanol selective. This means that it reacts only to ethanol molecules, and other substances do not interfere with the measurement. In this category, you will find breathalyzers that are equipped with the function of remembering the last 10 or even 20 measurements, so you can easily check the history of measuring the alcohol concentration in the exhaled air. Both electronic and electrochemical breathalyzers are distinguished by their small size and are easy to store and use. Moreover, each breathalyzer has an attached operating manual, which should be read before the first use, so that the measurement is carried out correctly.