AMK - automation and control

One of the main tasks of each manufacturer of industrial automation is to provide the users as the largest customize and extend the functionality of the system. However, most of the Central module, which allows you to manage the house provides a set of predefined choices to choose from, and closed, proprietary software does most of the settings the user has little influence. If the smart house is Your bad dream, or the current system imposes You too many restrictions – comes to the aid of automatic equipment for home AMK.

Smart home is under the control of the raspberries

Controllers AMK offer a completely new approach to the availability of the software under control of which the entire automation for the home. The Central module is running on Raspberry Pi 3 with installed Linux distribution, designed for drivers, home – OpenHab. Minikomputera except, in the case of the control unit, designed for mounting on a DIN rail, found a number of inputs: two analog standard 0-10V, digital ten and six specialized for temperature sensors KTY-series and seven digital outputs (relays) and four analogue (also voltage 0-10V). In addition, the module provides three differential communication bus RS485, which allows installation even at greater distances and control of the house, regardless of its size.

All in one place

Automation for home AMK, thanks to a large number of universal inputs and outputs, allows You to build smart home will be exactly to fit Your needs. Switches, for example, for walls, connected to the digital inputs (note – the sensors may not be under the voltage, the two wires leading from the pair of contacts should be routed directly to the controller!), that will allow, for example, conveniently control lighting or blinds. Built-in relays allow you to control loads with a voltage of 230 VAC with a maximum current consumption equal to 3 A. the Central module can also work with any sensors with digital outputs (e.g., kontaktronami whether using motion sensors) and analog (e.g. humidity sensors or controllers potencjometrycznymi with output 0-10V, with pleasure, used in industry HVAC).

Bigger is better

If Your goal is automation for the house, 7 built-in outputs are small, necessarily as options module AMK MSC-8DO. This additional Executive module offers 8 powerful relay outputs that can operate with load up to 6 A with voltage of 250 V. it is important That the Central module communicates through Modbus, making them especially large installations, you can easily create, together, a few of these modules to a single switch. A great offer a 4-channel switches AMK Switch 4K. The small size of the printed circuit Board to be installed in banks hidden installation. Enough that of the Central module, make the power and a pair of wires (twisted pair) for RS485, and you can enjoy the extra four channels of digital inputs. Modules AMK smart home, adapted strictly for Your needs, is in your hands!