AMK - automation and control

AMK is a Polish company founded in 2010. The AMK company's product range includes advanced technical solutions in the field of automation devices and intelligent installations for industry and residential construction. The manufacturer provides technical support for customers, from the stage of device selection through design, assembly, commissioning to service as well as service repairs and modifications enabling cooperation with previously installed equipment. The automation devices offered by AMK are characterized by high quality guaranteeing many years of trouble-free operation. In both industry and intelligent installations for residential buildings, automation and control play a key role. Automation systems require high quality and full repeatability in the smallest details in technological processes such as serial and small-lot production, therefore also in small and medium enterprises, automation devices are taken into account as one of the most important elements affecting the correct implementation of production on each of its stage. To meet these expectations, designers from AMK offer numerous modern solutions in the field of building automation modules.

AMK - great experience for everyone

Since the beginning of its activity, AMK company has gained recognition as a professional manufacturer of control devices and home and industrial automation that operates in many facilities, e.g. factories and power plants. A large number of projects on the account of the AMK company, from the simplest to the extensive ones combined with many years of experience of the designers, are visible in the products offered by AMK. Among them, electronic control systems stand out, such as automation systems for compressor stations, heating substations, BMS systems, sensors, as well as home automation. The AMK home automation devices offered by the Botland store are equipped with an RS485 interface compatible with PLC controllers and a module for communication via Wi-Fi.

AMK - advanced control systems for home and industrial automation

If you want to equip your home with a thoroughly developed automation base, with the desired stakeholders, the AMK MSC-8DO module. It is an executive module that includes 8 relay outputs with a permissible current load up to 6A at 250VAC. This module communicates with the central control system via the Modbus bus - thanks to this method, even the most extensive installations can be easily modified by attaching several different applications to a single central control. The AMK Switch 4K 4-channel switches are also a great option. The small dimensions of the printed circuit boards transformed built into them in flush-mounted boxes. All you need is a central module with power supply and a pair of connections (twisted pair cable) for the RS485 bus and you will be able to use an additional number of different access channels. By using the AMK automation control devices, you can easily turn your home into a modern and comfortable intelligent building!