Netatmo - automatics for home

A rapidly growing market for home automation increasingly connects to another popular trend – artificial intelligence. In modern construction, along with classic wiring, popping all additional drivers or house, intellectual systems of monitoring and warning about the risks. An example of such a relationship, in addition very successful brand Netatmo developing its products since 2011, and purchased in 2018 by Legrand, one of the most famous manufacturers of attachments elektroinstalacyjnego.

Innovative product portfolio Netatmo

Automation for the home of the company Netatmo seem to put the emphasis on climate is not only the one outside the window of Your home, but also (or rather primarily) the microclimate of the home. Therefore, the range of companies you will find, in addition to the smart alarm appliances and smart cameras, as well as a wide portfolio of products lets you manage the heating system. The second is a strongly developed group of devices are innovative Netatmo weather station and sensors. A particularly interesting part of the proposal relates to the modernization of municipal heating system that is intended devices such as the precisely controlled valves or a smart thermostat, the combination of which maintains the desired temperature in all rooms in the apartment.

The offer, tailored as appropriate

Engineers Netatmo, quite rightly down on the problem, what is the optimal heating control in apartments, equipped in a communal setting THAT. Often such a complex task is an appropriate control of heating in individual rooms – especially if some of them are rarely used or significantly different from the rest kubaturą whether the conditions of ventilation. In such cases, even a typical home automation will not be able to cope with this problem maintain the desired temperature at all points of the apartment. Using a clever valve that automatically adjusts the degree of opening for the conditions in the room. It is important to note that all the products Netatmo are small works of art, industrial design is not only modern, but functional. Smart home, built with the help of Netatmo products just cute!

Thermostat to the best of our times

A great example of thoughtful suggestions Netatmo is a smart thermostat. The device allows you to control heating, almost any type – compatible with boilers burning wood, oil or gas. Configuration to track the history of staging in the furnace by using a special application provided by the manufacturer in versions for Android and iOS systems. The system provides temperature control accurate to 0.5°C in the range from 0°C to 50°C. it is important to note That the set includes not only the aesthetic wi-fi module, but also the compatibility of the relay that performs the role of Executive control is the power to the boiler.