NVIDIA is a company known primarily, with very good graphics cards found in many mass-produced computers of class PC. NVIDIA also decided to show their good side, and in the field of embedded systems, an example of which is minikomputer Jetson Nano, which is a very good alternative for the famous Raspberry Pi. With the help of this small device as breeders-Amateurs and professionals can explore the secrets of designing artificial neural networks. In our offer available also accessories designed for the Raspberry Pi, which is also compatible with minikomputerem from NVIDIA.

NVIDIA graphics card not only!

Jetson Nano is minikomputer on applications of artificial intelligence. Built-in Quad-core ARM A57 with a clock an external signal with a frequency of 1.43 GHz. Was also factory equipped with a radiator with a large surface area that ensures rapid heat dissipation. For the quality of the graphics is responsible 128-reinforced with NVIDIA's Maxwell GPU. The card memory has a capacity of 4 GB. As the Raspberry Pi, a product from NVIDIA also features a 40-pin GPIO socket, which provides communication through I2C, I2S, SPI and UART, and on-Board USB 3.0 connectors of type A can connect consumers with a power consumption up to 2.5 A, which gives five times better result than in the case of the Raspberry Pi 4B. Image transmission is possible with HDMI and CSI, thanks to which you can connect the camera module the Raspberry Pi is also compatible with NVIDIA minikomputerem. For network connectivity you can use the onboard Ethernet port with a bandwidth of 1 Gbit/sec.

Jetson Nano – minikomputer about the great opportunities

Due to the presence of minikomputera from NVIDIA in the GPIO connector can be connected to different extensions, modules, and other additives that according to the plan designed for the Raspberry Pi! Jetson Nano can drive devices such as electric motors, lighting and sensor device. The technical capabilities of Nano Jetsona allow the construction of an advanced robot and a lot of interesting IoT applications. Software, including the operating system Linux Ubuntu 18.04 stored on the microSD memory card, which must be purchased separately.