Filamenty ACE

Creating real objects demands both a 3D printer and special material called a filament. provides a large offer of diverse filaments that will meet your expectations. ASA (Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate) filament is a great alternative to ABS. It's very robust, resistant to UV light and water, and therefore, it's especially suitable for outdoor use. ASA uses the mechanical properties of ABS but allows outdoor use over the very long term. This material has a much higher resistance to climatic conditions, which allows it to be used in the automotive industry. ASA filament was created in the 1970s by the chemical giant BASF. This material has exceptional resistance, great rigidity, chemical immunity, thermal stability, and, above all, it ages very well and doesn't change its color to yellow over time. What is more, ASA is a low-cost material and is currently available for FDM printers in different diameters. We recommend the ASA filament as a material suitable for printing, for example, garden items. At, you will have the opportunity to buy ASA filament from Devil Design manufacturer. We provide a wide range of colors (black, natural, orange, gray) and quick delivery. Check our large selection of ASA filaments at fair prices.


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ASA is the new type of ABS filament

You have probably heard about many different 3D printing materials, and ABS is one of the most popular (know from LEGO bricks). ASA is the upgraded version of ABS, which is incredibly durable and easy to work with. It provides better results than ABS and gives a more "smooth" surface. Also, it can be steamed/treated with acetone, it's chemically resistant and durable even in harsh weather conditions. ASA doesn't fade over time. On the contrary, it holds its color and strength. Another advantage of ASA is that it can withstand UV light. This means that this plastic does not crack or become discolored when it's out in the sun. ASA can be used in the same work areas as ABS. A clear difference is that the 3D printer's fan should be rotated down so that the cooling takes place very slowly, as ASA plastic can crack during rapid cooling. At, you will find ASA Filament available in a size of 1.75mm and in different colors.

UV-Resistant ASA Filament

With 3D printers, it's possible to produce three-dimensional objects such as toys, animal figures, jewelry, or complex parts for specific items. To create your own 3D object, it's necessary to have a special material called a filament. There is a wide range of 3D printing filaments, such as the versatile synthetic polymer PLA, highly durable and heat-resistant ABS, and many more.

Compared to ABS filament, ASA is a lot easier to use but has almost the same high-quality properties. It's strong and rigid and resistant to the various weather influences. Furthermore, ASA hardly shrinks, and the different layers adhere easily to each other. In order to print properly with ASA, your 3D printer must have a heatable print bed. ASA is often used to make prototypes and samples of new products. You can also use it for making tools and other applications. This material is ideally suited for outdoor applications without losing any properties or color. Do you want to print a 3D object for your garden? Then check ASA filaments available at our catalog. cooperates only with trustworthy filament manufacturers; thus you can be certain about the high quality of our products. If you have any doubts or questions, feel free to contact us. Our customer service will help you to buy the filament suited for your needs. Visit our store regularly to enjoy fair prices, promotions, and special offers.