Filamenty ACE

ACE Filament - 3D Printing has already found application in many fields of technology (and not only) that it is difficult to find an area where the printed items they have not used. And even if the industry still did not use them, the designers often already have a potential concept for their use. However, it should be borne in mind that in some cases we need to provide a very high resistance to variable, often very complex environmental conditions. In such cases is to take less popular and perfectly fulfills its mission filamenty ACE.


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Filamenty ACE – "what the heck is it"?

Filament ACE is one of thermoplastic plastics, characterized by very high, compared to, for example, ABS, stability to atmospheric influences. We mean here not only the temperature changes (so harsh in our climate, particularly in recent years), but also UV radiation , components factor greatly degrade not only color, but also the structure of many other materials. In addition, ASA, through an appropriate hardness, well machined (cutting or grinding). Parts made from fibers of ACE they have a slightly shiny surface, but allowed to dissolve in acetone – which provides additional smoothing to print during final processing, similar to such operations, used to print ABS. And their tensile strength is 500 kg/ cm2. Such properties indicate that the items are made using threads ASA can be used in applications that require specific mechanical parameters.

Filament ASA - Parameters and print methods

3D-printing with filaments ASA is at operating temperatures, a bit smaller than recommended to work with ABS – manufacturer, company DevilDesign, reports range head temperature of 230 to 240 °C and table 90 to 100 °C. In contrast to other fibers (e.g., PLA), cooling of the printing performed with the use of ASA is not recommended. Available filamenty ACE have a diameter of 1.75 mm, so no problems can be used with nearly all 3D printers available on the market. In our assortment you will find a coil with the mass of material (net) 1 kg – should know that price threads ACE is only slightly different from that of normal ABS filaments, which allows the use of ACE as a replacement for this popular material.

The thread ACE

Filamenty ASA perfectly fit everywhere where prints are exposed to tough environmental conditions. An example can be a pen, corps devices, sensors, or lighting used outside buildings and in areas poorly protected (e.g., under przewiewnymi zadaszeniami). Another example of application would be the 3D printing of portable devices (e.g., flashlights DIY with high resistance), buildings and elements of manual measuring devices or protective mobile robots. Different colors available in our store yarns will allow You to choose the appropriate color for a specific application – we offer filamenty ACE in colors: black (Black), silver-grey (Aluminium) and light orange (Bright Orange).