Shelly - automatics for home

Shelly - automatics for home - with the development of digital electronics and falling prices of microcontrollers and radio modules -the dream, controlled by smart drivers at home, became a fact. Today automation is not only a fantasy or a privilege for the elite – everyone can customize and build a smart home. Although, it is possible to development own network of devices and sensors are definitely faster, easier and often cheaper to use a ready driver , for example, available in our store modules Shelley.

Smart socket? For services with Shelly.

Series driver Shelly was developed for the most simple integration with an existing in house network. Relay modules series Shelly are so small that they can be easily hidden in a flush-mounted box connection wires by connection of SHEETS that are installed in the device. All automatics for the house built with the help of relay modules may be invisible, but nevertheless perfectly does the job – you can manage your devices from anywhere in the world. To control use a special Android app and is designed for devices Apple – like app for iOS.

Shelly - Force will always be with You

Despite its small size, and drivers Shelley, as Shelley 2.5 – offer significant power output. Unable to manage even two loads with power up to 2.3 kW each (10 a per each output). Internal relays can cope not only with a mains voltage of 230 V, they are also great for managing stress, running a constant voltage to 60 V. the modules are equipped with a circuit for measuring the energy consumption of managed device, making Your smart home will not only be a comfortable home, but also economical. Having the information about power consumption of these devices, you can more easily manage your energy costs.

What color do you like? - Shelley Bulb

Automation for homes built with modules Shelley no problems with any light color, as these include. If you do not wish to change your existing network, to use Shelley Bulb – a smart bulb INDICATOR controllable via wi-fi network. IOS app or Android allows You to install any color, and through the use, along RGB LEDs and white LEDs the colour of the light in the room or bedroom will always be natural and pleasing to the eye. You can also use a controller designed for installation in flush-mounted box – Shelley RGBW2. Your smart home will Shine in the truest sense of the word!

Sensors, sensors everywhere - Shelley Humidity & Temperature

Every smart home needs, in addition to the Executive modules also contain the sensors that will allow him to sort out the current situation in Your apartment. Therefore, in our assortment you will find a small device that contains built-in temperature sensors and humidity sensors, which is powered by one CR123A battery, can work continuously for 16 months. Modules Shelley Humidity & Temperature you will find us in two colour variants – black and white.