Shelly - automatics for home

The development of electronics, especially digital integrated circuits, resulted in the appearance on the market of microcontrollers and wireless communication devices. The next direction of electronics development was the launch of home automation devices for intelligent buildings. Such devices have become increasingly popular and allow you to build an intelligent building with a high standard of comfort and safety for a fairly small amount. If you plan to modify your home by adding several functionalities, you will certainly be interested in our range of Shelly home automation devices. The modules of this company are very easy to install and give the user very wide expansion possibilities. We offer, among others relay modules, air temperature and humidity sensors, intelligent lighting controllers, as well as intelligent 230VAC electrical sockets. Shelly modules can be controlled from a smartphone using a dedicated application that is hardware compatible with Android OS and Apple iOS.

Shelly - versatile control devices for building automation solutions

The power controllers offered by our store allow you to control multiple electricity consumers simultaneously. Shelly relay modules are equipped with robust relays that can support 230V AC and 60V DC circuits. A single driver channel allows you to control loads with a maximum current of up to 10A. Some Shelly modules are equipped with measuring systems that you can use to monitor and optimize electricity consumption, which has a positive effect on reducing maintenance costs. The manufacturer also offers the Shelly Cloud application, which, after registering an account, allows you to create and load presets for individual automation devices connected to your home Wi-Fi network. In this way, you can freely configure the settings of individual network elements and monitor energy consumption, as well as receive and send notifications of events, e.g. switching and alarm signaling.

Shelly - intelligent multi-coloured LED lightbulbs and temperature and humidity sensors

With the help of home automation created with the help of Shelly modules, you can set any lighting colour according to your requirements. If you don't want to change an existing network, plug in a Shelly Bulb - a smart LED lamp that is controlled via a WiFi network. With a special application for Android OS or Apple iOS (iPhone), you can set any light colour. Thanks to the use of RGB LEDs and white LEDs, the colour of the light in the room or bedroom is always natural and pleasant for the eye. You can also use the controller for installation in a flush-mounted box - Shelly RGBW2. In addition to executive modules, every smart home must also contain sensors that can be used to orient yourself to the current situation in your home. Our offer includes small devices with built-in temperature and humidity sensors that require a single CR123A battery to operate, and they can work continuously for 16 months. Shelly modules with measuring sensors are available in two colours - black and white.