Ringtones and viewfinders

Wireless ringtones, intercoms and viewfinders that allow you to view the guest from anywhere in the world using the Android and iOS applications.

Additional viewfinders and melodies, that is, the range of the first contact

When someone knocks at the door, it is dangerous to open without first checking who's behind them. If you live in the secure facility, of course, you also have the melody or even the intercom. Do not, however, if your potential guy is himself. Therefore it is necessary to equip the viewfinder of the video, which will provide you with excellent image quality. Thanks to him you will be a much safer place, and people nieproszone or they will have difficult access to Your property. It is currently the main elements that constitute an intelligent building.

Wanting to set the ringtone on the fence, there are often problems with the transaction. It is unsightly and can be damaged during adverse weather conditions. In this category, posted ringtones wireless. Just fix them and still enjoy their functionality. The range reaches up to 150 m, and the high quality materials allow for use during frost, rain or other weather changes without worrying about breakage.

Perfect standard solutions in their own way

In addition, using the opportunities offered by small computers (e.g. Raspberry Pi), you get any configuration. No problem, you create a layout that allows you to verify the guests with smartphones and tablets and other multimedia devices, from anywhere in the world.

Isn't it interesting that multimedia viewfinders and melodies, which once only appeared in movies Sci-Fi, is now available for everyone? Technological development is amazing. Not only with the pleasure of it we use, but we also offer You the tools, changing Your house or property in a comfortable and safe shelter. Additional wireless ringtones and videos eyes.