Melodies and viewfinders

Melodies and the viewfinder is a necessary part of the equipment not only protected the towns, but also in homes. In this category we offer ringtones wireless power supply and wired, as well as viewfinders of video and videophones. The device can be used independently or it can be one of the elements of a smart home system.

Melodies and viewfinders

In this category are available ringtones wireless (battery operated and also with the insights wired) EVF and video-phones. We also offer an innovative solution, as ringtone bezbateryjny. In this device, mechanical energy generated when you press the button on the transmitter is converted into electrical and then into an electromagnetic signal which will be transmitted to the power network of the receiver and triggers an alarm. Thanks to this device you will never need to change batteries in the transmitter.

Call, intercom, peephole and intercom

Although the terminology is not unambiguous in all stores, as a rule, you can divide the devices in that group into four main types:

  • Tunes: after pressing the button on the transmitter signal (electric or radio, depending on the signal type) is transmitted to the receiver, where it starts the alarm sound and/or light. There is no possibility of the door lock control or communicate with the person on the transmitter.
  • Intercom: there is a possibility of voice communication between users at the transmitter and receiver, as well as (usually) the possibility of opening the door lock by the receiver. Often you can also open the door from the outside after entering the safety code.
  • Viewfinders (with camera): the equivalent of a normal optical viewfinder, but instead of lenses inserted in the door camera and inside the flat - screen. Does not have voice features.
  • Videophones: there is a possibility of voice communication and the person receiving the connection sees the camera image located on the transmitter. As a rule, there is a possibility of opening the lock with a receiver or entering an appropriate code on the transmitter (usually, the so-called cassette external, that is, the element connecting the microphone, speaker, camera, get the scrambler, etc.).

Which model to choose?

If you just want a simple alarm that will inform You about the arrival of guests, the easiest and cheapest option will be a wireless call. More complete and more convenient option is set wideofonowy, which will allow You to browse through the web-camera, two-way voice communication and remote door opening. Melodies and viewfinders are used not only as an element of access control for apartment, but in other situations - for example, while caring for a sick person. In this case, the best solution is an easy and inexpensive wireless doorbell. Regardless of whether you plan to use, you should pay attention to the range of the selected model, especially if you plan to use the device on a large area (for example, put the tray in the house and the transmitter on the furtce in the garden).