Melodies and viewfinders

Devices such as a doorbell or video door phone are part of the equipment of both large closed housing estates and single-family houses. In this category, we offer high-quality doorbells in the version with battery and mains supply with cables, as well as video intercoms. Devices available in this category can function independently of other components or operate as one of many modules included in the extensive home automation system. In our store, you can also buy an innovative doorbell that works without batteries and other power supply sources - the Xblitz Kinetic. In such kind of a doorbell, under the influence of pressing a button (introduction of mechanical energy into the system), an electric pulse is created, which is then sent to the receiver with the phone and triggers the signal informing the resident in a house. The problem of periodic battery replacement is over now!

Doorbells and door video phones - types of devices that are commonly used for home door communication

Although the names are not unique in all stores, you can usually divide devices from this group into four basic types. First one and most basic is a Doorbell. After pressing the button on the transmitter, the trigger signal (small amount of voltage/current or radiofrequency signal, depending on the type of doorbell) is transmitted to the receiver, where it triggers an audible and/or light alarm. It is not possible to control the electric strike at the door or to communicate with a person who stands in front of the transmitter. The little bit upgrade of the standard doorbell is a door phone. In this kind of device, there is the possibility of voice communication between people at the transmitter and receiver, as well as (usually) the option of opening the door bolt from the level of the receiver. It is often possible to open the door from the outside after entering the appropriate code. Viewfinders with the camera are the equivalent of a regular optical viewfinder, but instead of a lens in the door a camera is placed, and inside the apartment - an LCD or OLED video display. Voice communication is not possible. Now the most of possibilities are given by videophones: there is the possibility of voice communication, and the person receiving the call sees the image from the camera located at the transmitter. In most of the cases, the option of releasing the electric strike from the receiver level or after entering the appropriate code on the transmitter - usually the so-called external cassette - the device connecting the microphone, speaker, camera and keyboard encoder is available.

A simple doorbell or maybe a door video phone?

Depending on your requirements, if you only need a simple device that informs you that someone has come to you, the best solution will be to buy a regular doorbell in the form of a button, pressing which triggers a sound signal from a small speaker. However, if you want to know who is on the other side of the door or at the entrance gate to the building, it is best to buy a door video phone with built-in door release electro-catch support. Regardless of the intended use, it is worth paying attention to the range of the selected model of the wireless doorbell - especially if you plan to use the device in a large area - for example, installing the receiver at home, and the transmitter at the far gate which is placed for example 400m further.