Weather station

Weather stations are small electronic devices that allow you to predict weather conditions and measure weather parameters in real-time. Botland offers various types of weather stations in terms of the possibilities they offer. When choosing a weather station in accordance with our requirements, the most important thing is to pay attention to its technical specification. From these station parameters the range of capabilities of the measuring instrument results. The most basic models of weather stations allow the indication of measurements of air temperature and atmospheric pressure. However, in the case of more extensive models of weather stations with greater capabilities than standard, the user can also obtain information on such parameters like wind speed and direction as well as the intensity and duration of rainfall, snowfall and hail, whereas for the astronomy enthusiasts we have also prepared an offer of weather stations informing about moon phases. Please check out the details of our wide offer at the Botland Store!

What is a weather station and what functions can it perform?

The weather station is a small measuring device that allows you to track weather parameters. With the help of such a weather station, the user can monitor parameters such as air temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure. In addition, you can also find out if the day is sunny or if heavy rain is expected. In the case of more expensive models of weather stations, we can also find out what is the direction and speed of the wind, and even what is the level of UV radiation from sunlight. In their operating principle, weather stations use radio communication, mainly based on the DCF signal, which introduces automatic date and time synchronization. In a typical design, weather stations are equipped with an LCD display from which we can read the results of weather parameters measurements. An indispensable element of any weather station is a set of measuring sensors that provide all necessary information on weather parameters

What you should consider when buying a weather station?

If you plan to buy a weather station, pay attention to several important factors. First of all, pay attention to whether the weather station is equipped with a set of sensors for mounting outside the house. The more sensors, the more reliable the measurement results. The second important factor is the range of station temperature measurement. The most optimal temperature measurement range (on climate conditions in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe) is from -20°C to +50°C. For the measurement result to be reliable, the measurement system including the algorithm must be sufficiently accurate. The permissible temperature measurement error should be within �0.5°C. Also a very good convenience is the display backlight function, thanks to which you will be able to read the parameters measured even in rooms where the lighting is too dim. In terms of the type of power source, battery-powered stations are available, but also stations equipped with a miniature photovoltaic panel that converts sunlight energy into electricity.