Weather station

The weather station is a device allowing to monitor the weather parameters (temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure) inside and/or outside the building. In this category we offer the most simple device, equipped with thermometer and hygrometer, as well as more sophisticated models with additional features such as graphical display of the weather forecast will display the current phase of the moon.

The weather station - useful in every home

The weather station is much more convenient and more accurate device than a regular thermometer room or zaokienny. Thanks to it you can precisely control the temperature and humidity in the apartment, and in models with external sensor - also be able to check what conditions prevail outside.

Why invest in the station?

The weather station help you control the temperature and humidity inside the apartment. This allows residents to provide thermal comfort and humidification is especially important for families with young children, Allergy sufferers, asthmatics or breeders of exotic plants and animals. The weather station is equipped with an external sensor and helps to customize clothes and plans to the conditions on the street. The device is powered from batteries, so that connection and commissioning is very simple.

Which model to choose?

The most simple weather station features a thermometer and hygrometer, thanks to which show the temperature and humidity inside the building. This is a good solution for people who want to replace your thermometer room more detailed and more modern device. But more advanced models have sensors, so that they can fulfil the function of a thermometer zaokiennego. In addition, you can specify other values, for example, the current atmospheric pressure, humidity of the outside air or the phases of the moon. Also available is a weather station with the function graphic display the weather, calendar, and alarm clock. Some also have connectivity with mobile devices via wi-fi network. Such devices can be recommended to more demanding users who want to have permanent access to the data from the station.