Weather stations

Device indicating temperature and humidity in rooms and weather conditions outside.

Weather stations – from the simplest to the most complex

Prices on the station to start from tens, and only end within a few hundred rubles. It all depends on their technological capacity and the proposed options. The cheapest products usually provide a standard measurement of temperature and humidity both outside and inside the building. Equipped with enough complex displays and screens depicting figures and signs. By means of a standard battery, so the operation also does not apply to expensive and utrudnionych.

Severe weather station, support wireless connection via wi-fi. You will be able to sync them with your multimedia devices like smartphone, tablet or even smart TV in a simple way. Due to this odczytacie weather in the vicinity of Your hotel from any corner of the world. Their performance and functionality much more because in addition to temperature and humidity, suggesting, in particular, calendar, barometer, weather forecast, moon phase, etc. a proposal for diy

If you are a designers or designers of complex models, process can do to try to construct a weather station in. In our shop everyone will get the necessary sensors and hardware, allowing for the construction of such a project.

A little more complex weather stations are relatively simple to prepare, and using the potential of Arduino and other mini-computers, you have unlimited functionality. So, over time, they are free to customize and improve by learning new things, to explore the available options and earning experience.

We invite you to try your hand at the works associated with the creative design and development of new technologies. Limits You to only a fantasy, because all the components and tools you will find in