Zamel Supla - automatyka domowa

You want to control blinds, lights or appliances with your smartphone? This is not difficult and expensive! Automation for home Supla Zamel will satisfy the most demanding customers who appreciate the combination of functionality, best performance, excellent materials and great prices! Now you can explore the potential of modules to control your home equipment (and not only) using the wi-fi connection.


Smart Home

Don't limit yourself to classic solutions – home automation for Supla Zamel

Don't want to invest in complicated or expensive home automation system? You are looking for something budget that will ensure You quality and satisfaction? In this case, the range from the company Zamel Supla will meet Your expectations. Simple drivers, simply plug in to the outlet, to install this application, connect the equipment home by using a classic network cable with the module, configure the downloaded program on your smartphone and you can enjoy control from anywhere in the house, the country and even the world.

You can also control blinds, LED lighting, etc. Just select the module and adapt it to individual needs. Remember, however, that LED lighting requires an additional power supply, while automatic blinds necessary items such as linear actuators and motors. All the necessary products to create intelligent systems, will find no problems in

Why Zamel Supla?

Currently, the number of manufacturers on the market, it is difficult to make a choice. You will find many wonderful and highly respected companies, and each of them has something innovative that sets it apart from the competition. Zamel Supla is primarily minimalistic modules with very small dimensions and very easy installation. Cope with them, even the laity, because the service requires only a smartphone and wi-fi.

The device Zamel Supla use screw connections. Thus, the manufacturer has eliminated the need for soldering, which less experienced clients may have problems. This is a quick way of connecting wires from the equipment module, requiring a small screwdriver.

If you have any questions regarding the assortment Zamel Supla, then you are welcome to contact. We will reply to all messages and we will help you find the right solution for Your needs.