Zamel Supla - automatics for home

In this category, you will find modules and devices for home automation from the Supla series designed by the Polish company Zamel specializing in the electrotechnical industry for over 30 years. The Supla project includes modern electronics, such as relay modules, lighting controllers, wireless communication modules and other devices that allow you to build a technologically advanced intelligent installation for your home or industrial plant. The biggest advantages of the devices included in the Supla project include high quality, easy installation and operation, wireless operation via Wi-Fi networks, many years of trouble-free operation, as well as comprehensive possibilities of use and configuration. The Zamel Supla project is an open-source project - this means that every user has access to the complete technical specifications of Supla products and can also contribute to creating modifications and making them available on the internet so that other users can use or modify them for further development.


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Zamel Supla - excellent compatibility with devices of many different manufacturers and popular embedded systems

The Supla project was initiated by engineers from the Polish company Zamel. It is an open-source initiative involving both professionals - electronic engineers and programmers, as well as hobbyists. Thanks to this, each participant in the Supla project can have their own contribution to creating intelligent devices for home automation. Supla series devices are compatible with many popular development platforms in the SBC (Single-Board Computer) format, such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBoard, as well as with Wi-Fi wireless communication modules based on the ESP8266 special integrated circuit by Espressif Systems. All Zamel Supla devices can be controlled using a dedicated mobile application for devices with Android OS. In this category, you will find high-class control devices and 230VAC relay modules enabling advanced control of home electrical appliances, such as lighting installations, blinds, automatic gates, heating, air conditioning and many others. The Botland store offer also includes footswitches that allow you to control the powering of household appliances without using your hands!

Zamel Supla - home automation devices for intelligent buildings with many advantages

Supla is an open-source project - thanks to this, each user can contribute to the development of this project by giving their suggestions and insights. Also, using the experience of others, the user can easily get the necessary help in launching their projects. The community of users of the Supla project has thousands of people and is constantly growing. The great advantage of Supla modules is easy installation, commissioning and configuration of settings. Thanks to this, even a novice user can easily start and connect lighting controls, doors, windows and other home electrical appliances. In addition, thanks to the use of Wi-Fi wireless communication technology and a dedicated application, the user can control the house from a smartphone and even conduct the control process from anywhere in the world - this is a particularly important advantage in presence simulation applications. The manufacturer offers a dedicated application to download from its website