Zamel Supla - automatics for home

In this section we offer products developed by Zamel project Supla. Elements is intended for home automation systems controlled via app Supla. In the category of available drivers, relays and controllers, lighting, and other products to create your own smart home system.


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Zamel Supla - automatics for home

Zamel is a Polish company with a history stretching back to the late eighties. The manufacturer is the author of many innovative engineering solutions in automation, among other things, the popular smart home system Exta Life. Zamel Supla is a set of devices designed to work with an open project Supla. Characterized by their exceptionally easy installation and maintenance, combined with high quality components, trouble-free operation and reliability. Devices home automation Zamel Supla ideal for use in buildings where it is impossible to perform the appropriate wiring, as all items are wireless.

What distinguishes the project Supla?

Supla project is an initiative that unites producers and users of home automation systems. All based on open source software and hardware - this means that everyone can join the action by creating their device is running or when developing code. The project involved many well-known companies such as Fakro whether Zamel, and the products are available in numerous stores and on the Internet. You can also create your own devices, which will be based on the platform of the Raspberry Pi, Arduino or microcontroller ESP8266. All elements of home automation systems based on software and equipment Supla controlled from a smartphone using the free app.

Which devices you will find in this category?

In this section, we offer first relay and drivers for hardware home. There are, among other things, relays, 230V, which allow you to control most of the devices in the network, as well as drivers for curtains and LED lighting. In this category you will find an extension cord with a foot switch which is ideal when installing lighting choinkowego, speakers and other items with the switch located in hard-to-reach place. All products " Zamel Supla connect to the local wi-fi network and the app to control the system with mobile devices.