Modules and accessories for Raspberry Pi 3A+ (Plus)

One of the main advantages of the product line under the brand of "raspberry" is a responsible approach to the client, his needs and habits. Proof of this can be the fact that the manufacturers of the Raspberry Pi despite the real revolution which has occurred since the release of the first model And has not abandoned the "lean" version mainstream'these mini-computers. Moreover, the Raspberry Pi model a 3+ offers such attractive opportunities, while maintaining a small size, which for many applications is simply the perfect choice. In this category you will find both basic modules and the necessary accessories and add-ons.

Less is more

3 Raspberry Pi Model A+ gets all the best with the previous products of the Raspberry Pi Foundation. On the one hand, has maintained a small size, familiar with version 1 RPi Model A+, that is, 65 x 56,5 mm. on the other hand, the new "raspberry" offers a truly impressive computing performance and wide opportunities of communication with the environment. Although Board – as in previous editions of the Raspberry Pi Model A – there was no place for the Ethernet interface, this new radio module with a large more than compensates for this small inconvenience. One USB port, And is sufficient for many applications, and even if we end connectors for connecting peripherals, nothing stands in the way to increase the number of ports using any USB hub.

The younger twin brother of model 3B+

3 Raspberry Pi Model A+, which premiered a little over six months after the then "flagowcu", that is minikomputerze 3B+ and it is easy to give the impression that it's not only a stripped-down version of the big minikomputera but fully functional module for various applications. 3 Raspberry Pi A+ is also based on a 4-core, 64-bit system Broadcom BCM2837 architecture (ARMv8-A) and also allows the clock frequency to a clock frequency of 1.4 GHz. The kid, however, has half the RAM of the older brother (512 MB), which is a very decent result for a small minikomputer. Importantly, Malinka also got dual-band wi-fi module 2.4 GHz / 5 GHz, with support of protocols 802.11 b/g/n/ac and integrated with transceiverem Bluetooth Low Energy 4.2. There were, of course, a full-sized HDMI connector, camera connector (CSI) and display (DSI) and already immortal headera GPIO 40-pin.

Dowry for Angelica Malina – we have all you need

Fans of the Raspberry Pi not only appreciate the excellent technical characteristics and low price on minicomputers. Equally important is the availability of all the necessary, 100% compatible accessories and add-ons, which not only improve the aesthetic quality of the Assembly, but also provide smooth operation in a safe environment. In our offer you will find both the modules and kits Raspberry Pi 3A+ containing official body in the colors red-white, power supply, and special radiators. We have both original power supplies for the Raspberry, like a number of compatible models with equally high efficiency current. For media or advertising purposes is ideal special case for Raspberry Pi 3A+ features mounting holes Vesa V2.