Voice assistants

Being able to control your electronic equipment only with voice commands is something that until recently was just a dream of every Sci-Fi fan. Now voice assistants are at your fingertips and you can impress your guests effortlessly because the possibilities are endless. On our offer you will find many interesting configurations which can be used in various projects or ideas. You are more than welcome to familiarize yourself with our range of products.


Smart Home

Voice assistants vs. dynamic market development

Controlling objects or devices with voice commands is becoming increasingly popular. The leading manufacturers provide their customers with functions that allow them to perform most of the activities using only words. The technology market is developing so quickly that voice assistants will not only help you to turn on the light but they will also open or close the door, set the temperature according to your commands or find the film you are looking for.

But voice assistants weren’t created only to improve our living standards. It’s a perfect solution for persons with reduced mobility or disabilities as now they are able to control their surroundings much faster, more efficiently and painlessly.

Mounting and the necessary components

Montage of voice assistants is usually as easy as a pie. It’s enough to connect particular components to the smart home system that you need to be equipped with. Remember about checking whether a given model is compatible with Fibaro, Domoticz, Google Home or others. This information can be found in descriptions under the products.

If you wish to control your air conditioning, LED lighting or sprinklers in the garden, you necessarily need to purchase the required sensors and modules responsible for teleoperation. We offer a wide range of products so that every user will easily find the tools that meet their expectations. Not sure whether a particular voice assistant will be appropriate for your needs? We are more than happy to help you and answer all your questions. Our team consists of real technology enthusiasts so for us there is no such thing as an unanswerable question.

Don’t hesitate! Choose the right model and mount the voice assistant in your home today! We can guarantee your satisfaction as we offer only top-shelf products.