Assistants voice

The function of controlling devices by issuing voice commands is more and more often found in modern automation systems for intelligent buildings. With the help of the voice assistant, you can control both individual devices and a set of devices that work together. In this way, you can implement voice control of such elements of equipment as lighting, doors and windows, air conditioning, heating and even multimedia devices. In this category, we offer versatile devices that enable voice control without using your hands. Voice assistants are a very practical add-ons that increases the comfort and usability of a building. Voice control also enables IoT (Internet of Things) projects. Intelligent Google Home and AI-Speaker loudspeakers combined with accessories in the form of remote controls and IoT gateways are a great enrichment of possibilities in every intelligent building. The voice control devices offered by our store are compatible with the specifications of Android OS and Apple iOS. We invite you to check our product offer!


Smart Home

Voice assistants - control your home...without using hands!

In this category, we offer versatile devices that enable control via voice commands. For example, the smart speakers from the Google Home series available in our store can act as a home equipment control device, as well as play music and read-aloud text messages. A particularly attractive product is the Google Home Mini intelligent speaker, which thanks to its circular geometry design ensures uniform distribution of sound waves in rooms regardless of location and excellent quality of sound files playback. We also offer IoT gates with remote controls, with which you can operate the web browser and play movies without using your hands. In addition, voice assistants can also be used in monitoring and anti-theft security systems. Before purchasing, make sure that the voice assistant kit you want to buy is compatible with the hardware and software specifications of your automation devices installed in your home. This is especially important when the intelligent network in your building is significantly expanded.

AI-Speaker - Voice assistant that supports commands in Polish

The AI-Speaker project is the first devices on the market that support voice control in Polish. The Botland store offer includes ZigBee2MQTT CC2531 USB module, which enables the integration of over 700 home automation devices from the Home Assistant, AIS Dom and Domoticz series together with devices that support the ZigBee communication protocol. The ZigBee protocol also supports the operation of voice control devices. However, the IoT AI-Speaker AIS Dom gate offered by our store has a pre-loaded set of voice commands with which you can control home automation devices. Sending voice commands can be done using a dedicated mobile application, remote control, as well as applications in Google Chrome. In addition, the user can enter their own set of voice commands. The AIS Home gateway also supports the playback of audio files such as music tracks, audiobooks, as well as streaming video files.