Assistants voice

Voice control is one of the most requested features "smart home". Assistants voice allow not only to control the device, which are part of (e.g., gateway, IoT or smart speaker), but also on the connection with the whole home automation system. Thanks to this pairing of equipment Your home will respond to the issued voice command (e.g., close the door, or inflammation of the light). In this category you will find auxiliary devices such as Google Chromecast if the remote AI-Speaker.


Smart Home

Assistants voice

A smart home should not be provided the option of voice control to perform its functions. However, this is a very convenient option. Voice assistant can be used to run a paired IoT devices (speakers, TV, APPLIANCES, etc.), as well as for lighting control, video surveillance or security systems. You can also perform voice calls or seek information online. Most often, the helper, the built-in multi-functional speaker.

What products we offer in this category?

In this section you will find a variety of devices equipped with voice assistant. We offer, among other things, smart speakers with support equipment Amazon Alexa or Google Home that will fit as a set for stereo, and the recipient voice commands while driving home automation. We have in stock, also the IoT gateways AI-Speaker, the sound control panel ReSpeaker and convenient version of a miniature speaker with a voice assistant from Google – Google Home Mini. The last point is a particularly good option for audiophiles who care about perfect sound regardless of the setting of the loudspeaker in the room.

Things to be aware of before buying?

You first need to check whether the selected model is compatible with the services and devices that you use. This is especially important if you already have a more or less well-developed home automation system and want to associate it with a helper to get the voice recognition function. Also keep in mind that not all models support Polish language.