BleBox - home automation

Do you want your apartment, house, office or car to be impressive? If so, all you need to do is to apply smart WiFi controllers and modules that will allow you to control the equipment even from your smartphone. Smart and functional homes are a special advantage that enables you to maximize the comfort to a level that was unattainable a few years ago. Thanks to our products you can prepare everything by yourself - check how simple, convenient and cheap it can be.


Smart Home

BleBox - Smart WiFi controllers for comfort, security and automation

The entire team works really hard to satisfy even the most demanding customers. It doesn’t come as a surprise that every year expectations are getting higher, after all, technology is also developing. We have better tools, faster connections and more convenient systems which facilitate daily activities of the users. All of these are at our disposal. For several years now, you haven’t had to open or close the entrance gate yourself, but now you won’t even need a special remote control to do that. A smartphone and access to the WiFi network is all it takes.

Controllers can be used in hundreds of ways, for example to control roller blinds, LED strips or even home appliances such as coffee machine or TV. Would you like to have LED lighting that could be controlled with your mobile phone? Undoubtedly, it would be impressive, especially when social gatherings are concerned. Although this technology is very approachable and relatively inexpensive, still few people decide to mount it. Maybe it’s high time for you to find out how simple it is?

Choose the best quality controllers

When investing in innovative technologies and home furnishings, you certainly count on long-term reliability and efficiency. Personally, we are enthusiasts of advanced solutions, automation and robotics, so we put special emphasis on providing our customers only with top-shelf products.

The goods on our offer come from the most renowned and professional manufacturers on the market. Choosing BleBox controllers from this category equals effectiveness and satisfaction.