BleBox - automatics for home

BleBox is a worldwide-reach brand from Wrocław, Poland, founded in 2013, which designs and manufactures high-quality innovative electronic devices for intelligent installations dedicated to building facilities, both residential, office and industrial. The high standard of workmanship and quality of BleBox devices are testified by, among others numerous awards for the company for introducing creative technological innovations to the market. BleBox gives its products a 5-year warranty. In this category, we offer BleBox control and sensor devices that allow you to build a comprehensive home automation system. In the Botland store, you can buy sensors for measuring environmental conditions, such as temperature and humidity, intelligent 230VAC electric sockets with a control relay, control equipment for automatic gates and roller blinds, as well as heating, air conditioning and lighting controllers. With the help of BleBox modules, you can easily transform your home into a modern building with a higher standard of comfort and safety, while reducing operating costs.


Smart Home

BleBox - simple to use innovative home automation modules for everyone!

BleBox home automation modules are standard equipped with a WiFi wireless communication module. In this way, you can connect the BleBox module to the local network and control multiple devices simultaneously independently of each other. Dedicated wBox and BleBox applications are compatible with Android OS and Apple iOS operating systems. The wBox and BleBox applications are available for download in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Installing the BleBox system modules will allow you to modify your home to a building with a very high technological standard, regardless of how much your home is an old or new construction. BleBox modules offered by the Botland store include heating and lighting control systems, measuring sensors, remote controls, 230VAC intelligent electrical sockets, as well as relays. BleBox modules can be powered in two ways - using an AC adapter or battery, thanks to very low power consumption over time. BleBox modules are characterized by the high quality of workmanship, and thus - high reliability and are easy to use, also for beginners.

BleBox - top level in measurements and control for home automation

The offer of BleBox products available in the Botland store covers a wide range of sensors that have been designed for the most popular home automation applications. The offer includes environmental conditions sensors that allow temperature and humidity measurement, as well as twilight sensors for lighting control. Using such sensors, you can build an advanced weather station and monitor all necessary parameters of weather conditions in real-time. However, using the twilight sensors you can not only control the lighting by switching them on to suit the conditions of natural lighting from the outside, but also by creating presets for the air conditioning and heating system of your home. Parking sensors are also available in the Botland store offer - with the help of these devices you will be able to park your car confidently, precisely and safely in even the most unfavourably designed interior of the garage or underground car park. BleBox products also include high-quality battery remote controls, roller shutter and automatic gate controllers, 230VAC single-phase relays and sockets with Wi-Fi control.