BleBox - automatics for home

In the category of “BleBox – Automatics for home” we offer a wide range of equipment for home automation equipment from a reputable manufacturer BleBox. In our offer you will find, among others, sensors air quality, temperature, twilight, Park, relay for 230V, buttons of different types, drivers for gates, heating, lighting or blinds. With their help you can easily turn your house into a smart home, saving energy or to obtain greater comfort and safety.


Smart Home

BleBox – automatics for home

Each device BleBox has built-in wi-fi module, and it connects to the local network. With this solution, all devices connected to the system, unable to communicate among themselves. With just one app, you can have control over each of them individually. It is the ideal equipment to build the smart home. This operation is a good test, as in just built and urządzanym of the building, and where they live for a long time. The range of the different sensors, thanks to which you will be able to receive data obtained from different parts of the house. The range also includes drivers (which may use the information obtained from sensors), relays, or charms. For the system we developed a special application “BleBox” available on the Android and iOS systems. Depending on the model the device is powered from the mains or from replaceable batteries. They are so effective that one link is often enough for several years.

What products you will find in this category?

In your offer we have a wide selection of different types of sensors useful in the household. Good examples are temperature sensors, air and dusk – all can send information to the weather station and inform about the current situation outside the home. Information about the time of sunset can also be appropriately used for the operation of the control algorithm for heating and cooling the whole building. We also have a Parking sensor which with color change LEDs can keep You at a safe distance from the walls. We also offer remote controls, relay for 230 V AC, buttons, controllers, lighting, heating and equipment such as gates or shutters.