Accessories for 3D printers

Accessories for 3D printers allow you to maximize the efficiency of your work, improve the printer’s parameters and comfort of use. By selecting the components available in our store, each customer is guaranteed the products they buy are of the finest quality. All elements available at are pre-packed. Our team is made up of technology enthusiasts who have prepared top quality and affordable components for 3D printers.

Products by page

Products by page

Top quality 3D printer components - indispensable part of a satisfying job

What can be found in this category? All components required to create a perfect, functional and efficient 3D printer. We offer products that are absolutely essential and improve the efficiency of work. If you are just starting your adventure with 3D printing or want to become even more advanced in this field, you are in the right place!

In our offer you can find heaters, heatbreaks, nozzles, printheads, engraving lasers and many other top quality components. These are accessories from the renowned manufacturers of 3D printers therefore we can ensure that our customers will be satisfied with the investment.

How can 3D printer accessories improve the capabilities of the device?

Using diverse filaments allows you to achieve different effects. Not all materials are suitable for the same applications and a perfect example to prove that is to compare materials such as PLA and PETG. PLA filaments can be used to print objects which will be in contact with food, but are quickly biodegradable. ABS filaments are also among the components most frequently chosen by beginners and advanced users of 3D printing. ABS is a durable but acetone soluble material. For the sake of comparison, we can present PETG filaments that can be used to print elements that are exposed to petrol, lubricants and oils.

But why are we discussing filaments in the accessories category? Because in this category you will find dizzles, with a hole from 0.2 to 1 mm, that are made of copper or steel and that enable you to use given plastic materials in many different ways. All components are designed to fit the most popular 1.75 mm filaments.