Accessories for 3D printers

3D printer made a revolution in the field of rapid prototyping, though it is equally well established in small-scale production and home manufacture of parts of robots and mechanisms, as well as figurines and models. Like any machine, and 3D printer sometimes requires replacement of the most exploited elements. If Your printer it's time for component replacement is not important, or is it just the nozzle, the entire printhead or stove – in this category you will find the necessary spare parts for printers of different manufacturers, and for DIY design.

Products by page

Products by page

Accessories for 3D printers – what to look for when buying?

When selecting spare parts for printers, as for all other devices, you should take into account, first of all, compatibility. For example – head designed for one type of printer will have different dimensions from the others, despite the mixing of similar species. Similar rules also apply other parts for printers, especially those collaborating with the group Oh, yeah, in a critical sense, as a printhead. Therefore, in this category we indicate the original thermistors and heaters or tube PTFE used in hotendach printer Prusa MK3. In our offer you will find accessories for printers, which is the basis for the printed parts, such as plate for 3D printer Dobot Mooz 2 or round BuildTak pad for printer Vertex Delta K8800.

To transform a robot into a 3D printer...

Yes, it's possible – if zaopatrzysz in matching accessories. Thanks to kit 3D Printer Kit converts robot uArm Swift Pro is the functional and original 3D printer. The printhead works by using of the extruder Bowden type, is also included. Module with a capacity of 35 W is designed to work with filamentami PLA diameter 1.75 mm and allows for 3D printing with the speed of 20 mm/sec. Due to the size of the working area 1,000 x 100 x 100 mm, you can implement even large projects, while maintaining accuracy at 0.2 mm. For DIY projects great solution for laser engraving with a power up to 6 In, high-end laser module PLH3D with the exact lens, ogniskującym laser beam in order to improve the efficiency grawerunku.

... or engraver CNC!

It is also possible, if you use the platform Dobot Mooz. The manufacturer came from fair assumptions that one, durable mechanical design, based on linear actuators industrial grade, capable of working both as a 3D printer and laser engraver and CNC laser engraver. In our offer you will find matching accessories for 3D printers Dobot Mooz, including module laser power up to 500 MW, which allows laser engraving on wood, paper products, leather or some plastics. We also have a module with the CNC, allowing the sculptures in wood, plastics, printed circuit BOARDS and other non-metallic materials with a speed up to 1200 rpm. the kit includes the black stabilizer plate the workpiece with the two adjustable guides.