Converters with resistor bocznikowym

In our offer you will find the voltage regulators resistance bocznikową that protect the power supply from power surges. Designed primarily for power consumption of a maximum of a couple seconds. The tiles are designed for Pro rare and short pulses. Longer jumps the voltage above setpoint, the regulator will consume within a few milliseconds. So suitable for our system. In case you have any questions, our technical Department is at Your disposal.

Voltage regulation

What is voltage regulator? This system, which, as the name implies, voltage regulation, and, therefore, stabilization of the output voltage. When you need a reliable voltage source, for example, we after the Converter with a resistor bocznikowym. Its design is very simple. Works on the principle of negative feedback. The advantages of linear regulators are low electromagnetic interference and noise, constant voltage output and a low purchase price.

Types of regulators

Regulators can be divided roughly into two types – serial voltage regulators and converters with a resistor bocznikowym. The serial controller has a variable transistor, the resistance of which changes to the input voltage and maintains a constant output voltage. Bypass the regulator works just like a serial, and all the surplus will be grounded. Converters with resistor bocznikowym are mainly used for precision current limiters, amplifiers, errors or for monitoring voltage.

Installation of the regulator

To check voltage of any regulator side or the voltage of the potentiometer you need to connect a higher voltage with a resistor limiting the current nominal value of several hundred ohms, and measure the voltage at the controller. Transducers bocznikowym resistor should be set approximately 10% above the supply voltage. In our store is available to regulators of diverse values. Each elektronik will find here something for themselves. In case you have any questions or doubts you can always contact us, we will be happy to help you!