The interface is in electronic jargon, any element located between the other systems, although not exclusively. The user interface is called the command displays and keyboards, such as knobs or buttons, which the system uses to communicate with you. In our store you will find a wide selection of electronic components to build interfaces, electronic, communication systems, via the level translators, extension modules digital lines with support for many kinds of digital serial interfaces.

A wide range of methods of data exchange between electronic systems:

Converters, communication interfaces

In our product range you will find a wide range of systems, allowing the tying with each other the various communications interfaces between them. An example of such systems are controllers, communication interfaces such as wi-fi or Ethernet. They have the opportunity to join, for example, a microcontroller or computer jednopłytkowego using one of the popular serial interfaces such as SPI or I2C. Through the use of this type of chip in minikomputerze system, which normally does not have access to the Internet, can be connected via wifi or Ethernet cable.

The translators stress levels

Each standard digital transmission specyfikuje different voltage levels, which will mean two connected digital – high and low. It is generally assumed that the highest of the voltages oscillate between each other, usually in the area of supply voltage, voltage high position, and secondly, about the capacity of the masses, is the voltage indicating a low state. There are also differential interfaces, i.e. those where state high and low not encoded directly by the voltage, and the voltage difference. In order to connect with each other with different standards of transmission of digital data needed translators of voltage levels. Such elements are produced in the form of chips in our store.

Expanders, digital interfaces

If our system does not have enough digital lines, for example, to control large number of LEDs or the monitoring of a large number of buttons in our system, the speed in handling the staff come chip, called extenders. These elements include on the one hand, the digital serial interface such as SPI or I2C, and with another-are typically 8 - or 16-bit parallel interface. Digital line utility, which can be used in the system almost any way as all the other GPIO lines.