Spresense Sony

Minikomputer Spresense is the successful debut of Sony in the market of Autonomous embedded systems with mikrokontrolerami on Board. Six-core processor CXD5602 about the clock frequency of 156 MHz, integrated with GPS, the ability to connect up to eight microphones, DACS with 24-bit resolution provides high-quality sound and the ability to connect a special camera with 5 MP resolution, this is the strongest side of the tiles development from Sony. In our offer available also special extensions and add-ons, such as modules and accessories to create interesting projects that go beyond the basic capabilities of the tiles Spresense.

Wide equipment in many applications

Minikomputer Spresense were equipped with an electronic system that Sony uses also more complex models of headphones. 24 bit DAC allows you to play MP3 files with high resolution, and analog 3.5 mm TRS connector allows you to connect a microphone to issue voice commands and directs the use of tiles Spresense on the application of artificial intelligence. Low energy consumption allows for hours Spresense power from the battery and using wireless applications such as, for example, robots, and built-in CPU GPS system opens the possibility of applying Spresense in devices with geolocation system. Communication with the computer and the outside world, and the power supply is a micro USB connector.

Cooperation with external systems built-in

Plate Spresense can be programmed using the editor for Arduino. Most programs written for Arduino can also work on a platform from Sony. Among Sony applications Spresense based on the default programs written for Arduino, it is possible to allocate such devices as geographical locators, MP3 players, simple neural network, and more. Applying a tile of unknown origin, you will be able to connect to Spresense to connect and launch pads designed for Arduino. The versatility of tiles Spresense complements slot for memory cards microSD, 3.5 mm headphone Jack, and jumper configuration. The Board can work with the modules of the supply voltages 3.3 V and 5.0 V.