Tape a camera body, for Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is not only a microcomputer for fans of robotics and DIY, for those who train very demanding activity such as programming, but also for those who use it with the camera. This additional device is used in many areas. The Raspberry Pi cameras are perfect for microphotography, where we can get closer to nature, see a little more than the natural human eye, but also a little less than the high-tech microscope. Moreover, the cameras for Raspberry Pi are also a great choice for those who plan to create intelligent video surveillance system both for private use and for observation of the surroundings and public building. The cameras enable taking pictures and recording movies, so they are versatile, but also small devices. However, if you are planning a larger and more complex project, in which you will use more than one camera, you will need an adapter that will connect several devices to the Raspberry Pi. Adapters are available in our shop, as well as housings that will take care of the aesthetic side of your camera and the whole system.

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Products by page

Adapters for Raspberry Pi cameras for large-scale projects

DIY enthusiasts and fans of advanced technology use Raspberry Pi for various purposes. They are fascinated by the possibility of virtually unlimited expansion of Raspberry, which, together with the add-ons, can help in the most demanding projects. This is also the case with cameras that can be connected to Raspberry Pi in larger numbers. Of course, this is only possible with accessories, i.e. adapters for Raspberry Pi cameras. With its help you connect more than one camera to Raspberry, using standard CSI connectors, which you are probably familiar with from the PCB. This type of adapter allows you to connect 4 cameras to Raspberry. But that's not everything you can do about it. It is possible to connect a set consisting of up to 4 adapter boards to one microcomputer. In practice, this means that there can be up to 16 cameras per microcomputer. This is already a very complex system, whose capabilities will surprise many constructors. This way you will develop very interesting IoT projects, which will track the image and then send it over the Internet. Moreover, they can take pictures, showing the phenomena that occur in nature. Adapters for Raspberry Pi cameras clearly expand Raspberry's capabilities, which can become a real, powerful command system due to these small accessories. That' s how you use Raspberry's potential.

Tape extensions for larger cameras

The cameras for Raspberry Pi can be of different sizes, there are smaller as well as larger devices, as exemplified by a model that presents a fragment of the landscape and has a surface area corresponding to one room, so it takes on an impressive size. In such a case, a multi-cable tape extender, which is dedicated for Raspberry Pi cameras, may be a necessary add-on. This is an element designed by Adafruit. A small Thingy PVC board allows to connect two 15-pin multi-wire tapes, whose raster is 1 mm. What you should be aware of is that the company is very much focused on research that proves the quality and capabilities of their devices. One of them proves that the same quality is supplied to the cameras in the case of the tapes, which are as long as 1000 mm. These are very good parameters that will interest even the most demanding professionals.

Our shop offers multi-level tapes for Raspberry Pi cameras with lengths of 300 mm and 150 mm. To install the tapes, they should be inserted into the CSI connector on the board and then pressed into the connector snaps. This gives you a stable and good mount.

Check out our range of accessories for cameras dedicated for Raspberry Pi microcomputers. We provide a wide range of housings, adapters, as well as tapes, which are sure to be useful especially for the most complex projects using cameras.