Tape a camera body, for Raspberry Pi

Camera for Raspberry Pi is a convincing proposal in the application the nature hobbystycznym as a professional. Macro systems, image monitoring, video recording on the road or experimental robots is one of many examples of the use of these cameras. In the case of more complex applications that use more than one camera, it would be helpful to pick up an adapter that allows you to connect multiple devices, and if you need to take special care of the aesthetic side of your project is to choose a specially designed camera housings, working cooperatively with the Raspberry Pi.

Products by page

Products by page

Universal adapters for cameras, working in conjunction with the Raspberry Pi

We have prepared an offer for those who are based on Raspberry Pi, form a more powerful device projects that use the webcam. Module Multi-Camera Adapter, allows you to connect to the Raspberry Pi more than one camera and uses standard connectors CSI, as known from printed circuit BOARDS “Malinki”. With this adapter, you can connect up to 4 cameras, and for single minikomputera you can in total to join the set of 4 tiles adapterowych, thus allowing you to connect up to 16 cameras on a single Raspberry Pi. Through this simple method can be used to build interesting projects IoT to track image and transferring it via the Internet, take photos, reflecting phenomena occurring in nature at different angles of view and many others.

Extension cords for belts wieloprzewodowych camera for Raspberry Pi

If Your project is using a web camera is characterized by very large dimensions (for example, the layout of the fragment of the landscape that occupies the middle of the room, residential building), a useful tool for You will be developed by Adafruit extender wieloprzewodowych strips for the camera for the Raspberry Pi. Thingy is a small circuit Board that allows you to connect two 15-pin strips with 1 mm pitch. wieloprzewodowych in addition, research conducted by designers from Adafruit proved that even on tapes with a length of 1000mm, the image that comes with the camera, without losing the quality. We also offer wieloprzewodowe tape camera for Raspberry Pi, length 150mm and 300mm. After the installation of the strips in the CSI connector on the Board Thingy, click on the latch connectors to get a reliable and durable contact.