Lenses for camera for the Raspberry Pi

We have something for microphotography fans, people who love to look at the world from close up, explore it through their eyes, which makes it even more exciting for them. If you belong to them, and you are a lucky owner of Raspberry Pi, you will surely find a lot of favourites in our offer. We introduce camera lenses, which significantly expand its possibilities. You want a perfect resolution at maximum zoom? You are looking for a lens with a wide field of view to see even more and capture an extraordinary image? Or maybe you would like to have full control over the image, not only taking pictures but also recording videos? If so, check out our range of modern and versatile camera lenses. They differ in their key technical parameters for amateur and professional photographers, so everyone can choose the object that best meets their expectations. Take a look at our range of camera lenses and discover that it can do even more than you've allowed it to do before.

What should a good camera lens be like?

The lenses are very different from each other, due to a very wide range of technical parameters, matching the abilities of professionals and amateurs. Furthermore, individual camera lenses are supposed to perform specific, different functions, some need them for short films, others are looking for good equipment for micro photography. Before purchasing, you should define your expectations and make the purpose of your equipment more specific. In fact, the most important parameter of a lens is the focal length, which determines the ability to focus. It means the distance from the geometric center of the lens to the geometric center of the sensor as well. If the lens has a variable focal length, this means that you can adjust the zoom in it. With this adjustment, the equipment calculates the ratio of the focal length at the narrower end of the lens to the focal length at the wider end. As a result, you are free to change the size of the object and the image you see on the screen.

The field of view of the lens is also of great importance for photography fans. This is a parameter closely related to the focal length. It concerns the maximum angle that the lens can cover the image. If we are aware of the focal length and the image size, we can easily calculate the angle of view. Moreover, when deciding on a lens for a camera, focus on the sensor and aperture. The matrix is an electronic sensor that consists of millions of photodiodes highly sensitive to light. We call them pixels, each with its own lens, which corresponds to the intensity of the basic colours of light, that is red, green and blue. In fact, the quality and detail of the image depends to a great extent on the matrix. The larger the photosensitive element, the clearer the image will be and free of unwanted noise. When it comes to the aperture, this is the element that determines how much light will get into the camera during the shooting. Sometimes we need more light, sometimes less.

Camera lenses that surprise everyone

It is not only the basic technical parameters of lenses that should draw your attention when choosing a camera lens. Many of the models available in our shop offer additional functionalities, which will increase the capabilities of your camera. The example is the lens for ArduCamer camera, intended for use in Raspberry Pi. They are mounted on M12 screw, which allows to record images with long focal length. Moreover, the recordings can be made in "fish eye" mode. The set from ArduCamer includes 10 lenses of different diameters. Thus you have the possibility to quickly and easily change the lens, adjusting it to your current needs. It all depends on what you are photographing at the moment and what effect you want to achieve. You have a complete set, helping you fulfill your photographic passions.