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Why not to take advantage of the automation of your apartment, office or household when it’s at your fingertips? You no longer need to get up from the couch in order to prepare your favourite coffee, turn on the music or the lights. And these are only a few features of Eura-tech products. Experience how simple life can be when technology helps you save time and makes your everyday activities way easier.


Smart Home

Products by page

Products by page

Want to increase the comfort of your house? Eura-tech home automation system is at your reach

Most people associate smart homes with roller blinds, light or temperature controllers. However, these are only the basic functions used by customers who seek to implement the most advanced technologies in their houses. Brands like Eura-tech are constantly developing and offering more and more innovative designs. The operation of modules, systems and sensors became extremely simple so that everyone, even those who aren’t very familiar with automatics and possibilities of smart homes, could easily manage them.

The parking sensor is a perfect example here. It’s mounted on your wall inside the garage so you don’t need to additionally burden the electrical system, if your car doesn’t have a camera or other components that would automatically warn you about the imminent danger. Eura-tech offers a model that signals the distance between the car and the wall using a colored diode. The Eura-tech home automation system also provides modules that allow you to connect several independent devices and control them via your smartphone. Isn't it a dream for every high-tech enthusiast?

Eura-tech home automation systems in offices, warehouses and establishments

What is really essential in any establishment? Tools that ensure proper working conditions and safety, as well as help you save money. Eura-tech home automation systems and available components are the perfect choice. Thanks to them you can quickly, easily and cost-effectively create a neat and compatible installation.

In this category you will also find products such as smart sockets that can be controlled from smartphones and apps (available for both Android and iOS operating systems). Additionally, it would a great idea to install humidity, carbon monoxide or temperature sensors in all rooms, especially the storage ones, in order to ensure extra safety.