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Eura-Tech is a Polish manufacturer of measuring systems, sensors and unconventional technical solutions in the field of broadly understood building automation. Eura-Tech was founded in 1993 as a distributor of devices for intelligent installations, and in 2005 launched the design and assembly of its own products. Among the Eura-Tech products offered by the Botland store you will find, among others hazardous gas presence sensors, videophones, motion sensors, parking sensors, intelligent LED bulbs with controllers, doorbells, as well as single-phase 230VAC sockets with time control function. Eura-Tech automation modules have a built-in Wi-Fi communication system. You can control individual Eura-Tech devices from a mobile phone using the dedicated eWeLink application, which is compatible with both Android OS and Apple iOS. Eura-Tech automation modules are very easy to install and use and are an excellent enrichment for both residential buildings and industrial facilities such as. e.g. factories.


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Products by page

Eura Tech – full remote-controlled home automation

In this category, you will find control device modules that will allow you to quickly turn your home into a modern, intelligent building. Based on many years of experience, designers from Eura-Tech have created devices that are characterized by simple operation and assembly and contain a lot of useful functions that have a positive effect on reducing the cost of building maintenance and its safety. Control modules from the El Home series allow advanced control of switching on and off of electric circuits independently of each other. Built-in relays can control devices such as lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning. With the help of El Home modules, you can easily build an intelligent electrical installation that performs the process of simulating your presence at home by automatically controlling the lighting according to the programmed time schedule. In order to reduce the cost of maintaining the building, it is worth connecting the humidity and temperature sensors to the electrical installation so that they control the air conditioning and the twilight sensor controlling the lighting on the property. However, using gas and temperature sensors, you can control the sprinkler system and fire alarm. Each Eura-Tech device has a built-in wireless communication module and can be programmed from the smartphone using the eWeLink application.

Eura-Tech - advanced Wi-Fi controlled devices

Eura-Tech home automation control systems have been designed in accordance with the IEEE 802.11 standard for Wi-Fi network usage specifications. Via the eWeLink application, you can control each Eura-Tech module independently, recalling previously entered settings saved in a cloud of data. Eura-Tech modules enable remote control of all electrical devices connected to the electrical installation in the building. An important advantage of Eura-Tech devices is the lack of necessity to connect all modules to one control panel, thanks to which they can be controlled in a completely independent way.