Eura-tech - automation for home

In the category of “Eura-Tech – automation for home” you will find a large selection of devices intended for use in the home automation system. We offer, among other things, THAT sensors, smoke sensor, gas, Parking sensor, motion sensor, temperature, ringtones, wireless, outlets, panels, relays, 230 V, eyes or led bulbs. Each of these devices connects to wi-fi combined with the Internet, so you can monitor their work using the appropriate application eWeLink (on system Android and iOS).


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Products by page

Eura-Tech – automation for home

In this section, we offer equipment designed for use in home automation systems. Its elements were created by the manufacturer with extensive experience in the industry – company Eura-Tech. The range includes, among other things, the drivers are suitable for making voltage input power up to 3600w. we have models who are able to independently control four different devices, and their housing for mounting on DIN rail. Each device Eura-Tech uses a wifi module for network connectivity (wi-fi and Internet, and through it with the eWeLink app available on Android and iOS systems. Such devices can be programmed on an individual schedule. Perhaps in this way, efficient control of lighting or heating, as well as, for example, the development of the presence simulation in the house for the holidays.

What we offer in this category?

The range relays to monitor energy consumption and remotely control the temperature or humidity. In this category you can also find led lamps lamp with motion sensor and dusk, and external motion sensors. We also offer wireless ringtones, drivers, and relay 230 V. popular smart modules Smart Plug and a specially designed waterproof temperature sensors and humidity sensors Chad and gas, motion sensors, viewfinders video door fotooptyczne smoke detectors, Parking sensors, intercoms, lamps and switches for wi-fi.