Abilix krypton - educational robots

Robots, educational, built of cubes, on a good has taken root already in children's rooms and classrooms. No wonder: they are based on a brilliantly simple idea that designers of this type of sets can be carefully adapted. For younger and older children, and even teenagers adventure with the construction of their own electronic devices is a great experience. Fascinating sets Abilix krypton will definitely make this adventure even more interesting.

Five levels of initiation

Abilix krypton is the kits for making robots for educational, connecting blocks of different colors and shapes with advanced electronics. The heart of each set is the basic block in a small processor ARM Cortex 72 MHz and 64 KB of RAM, larger main unit MTK 1.3 GHz Flash memory 2 GB and 512 MB RAM. For this users get the blocks called in Abilix krypton modules, as well as in some of the sets – elements such as sensors and touch screens. The comparison of different versions of blocks to help a table that we provided in the description of each product. To show the differences in the contents of the kits, however, it suffices to note that the smallest is 409 modules to build 17 different designs, and the largest, 1122 modules provides inspiration to create up to 50 different robots of institutions.

Unusual adventure with robotics for kids

The creators of the series Abilix krypton has ensured that young fans of robotics are a long time to make friends with your robots educational. For programming design created because a mobile application operating on three levels. The simplest way to defendant for the construction of algorithms of the method of "drag and drop". The youngest robotykom will like it, too Flow Chart in which they will build their own flowcharts. And an interesting challenge for children, advanced in the use of Abilix krypton would be, of course, the programming environment Scratch, equipped of course, in an ecologically icons. Application for programming robots can be installed on a smartphone or tablet with Android or iOS.

An effective training program for schools

Abilix krypton joined of these manufacturers kits and robots for education, who understand that learning programming should be currently an integral element of the training program. Therefore, in collaboration with teachers from the group of the Master of Robotics, the creators of the sets Abilix krypton has developed guidelines and scenarios of lessons for schools. The finished scenarios will be a tremendous help to faculty teaching. Because the lessons contain not only theoretical introduction, but also a specific reference to the basics of software to schools, thereby facilitate the introduction of classes in robotics and programming in the context of material that students discuss at the moment. Teachers can also use of ready tasks developed especially for children interested in the subject of science. A large number of designs offered within each of the sets Abilix krypton is a guarantee of several hours of great fun.