Air conditioning and heating

In the category of " air conditioning and heating, you will find products that combines the functions of cool and warm air (heaters), as well as the elements allowing to control the temperature in the house - for example, drivers, heating or smart thermostatic head. Thanks to these products you will be able in a simple and fast method of obtaining thermal comfort in your apartment at any time of the year.


Smart Home

Air conditioning and heating in one

Fan heaters is a versatile device, suitable in both summer and winter. They have a function of supplying cold (no heating), but also the function of ventilation with heated air. Heaters typically are equipped with the ability to adjust the degree of heating, so that the control room temperature becomes more accurate. Some models have a temperature sensor and automatic thermostat, which allows you to set the desired level of heat.

How to choose a device?

When choosing a device, consider that this device in which the heating element heats. Therefore, you should choose models equipped with overheating protection that ensures a high level of security. Greater comfort will help to get the device with built-in adjustable thermostat and automatic temperature control. Also pay attention to the manufacturer the noise level (although in the case of this type of equipment is usually not more than 50 dB) and the presence of additional special features, such as long cord AC power, the indicator light is there a convenient handle for carrying the device.

What else you will find in this section?

In the category of " air conditioning and heating are available intelligent thermostatic head, which, thanks to appropriate adapters can be installed on almost any radiator naściennym. This head allows for both manual control and voice control Apple Siri, remote control using a special application on iOS devices and programming modes. The device has the function of ventilation (auto-off heating when it detects open Windows), and many other useful functions, including protection from freezing or descale valves. In this section you will also find wi-fi driver is designed for remote temperature control of home saunas or heating (compatible with the systems Android and iOS and requires no additional peripherals).