BroadLink - home automation

Home automation is no longer a utopian dream of fans of advanced technology - it’s the future already available at your fingertips. If you want to enjoy your smart home, take advantage of the most innovative solutions that guarantee high quality and numerous possibilities. BroadLink is the best example of an assortment that will meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.


Smart Home

BroadLink - future is now

The system of smart homes appeared rather unexpectedly. Initially, the capability of intelligent buildings was limited only to some basic functions such as automatic opening and closing of the roller blinds at a specific time or switching on the lights on the basis of motion analysis. The incredible popularity of these solutions has contributed to noticeably faster development of the products. Consequently, nowadays we can control everything using our smartphones. Smart WIFI drivers are components that should be possessed by everyone who cares about a high standard of equipment.

BroadLink is not only about the comfort and convenience of using your house but also about the safety of your beloved ones and the property itself. Apart from setting the preferred air conditioning temperature, thanks to the possibility to operate the equipment from your mobile phone, you are able to monitor your possession. Even if you are in a very remote part of the world, you’ll immediately know if someone is at your home. Although the above vision seems to be very appealing, it’s still worth remembering about basic components. Sensors and alarms will ensure your safety and inform the appropriate services about the possible threat.

Desirable functionality

What makes BroadLink products stand out from the competition? The greatest advantage is the possibility of setting individual time intervals, for example a sleeping time interval. It’s about choosing a particular air conditioning temperature which is to be set at a specific time. But what if you like to fall asleep in a cooled bedroom but you don’t necessarily want to wake up in the same temperature? It’s not a problem. You can easily set your preferred sleeping temperature at 6 p.m. and programme the device to increase it at 6 or 7 a.m.

There are many offers like that and with the help of BroadLink drivers it’s possible to integrate over 5000 products with the list. Don't wait and check out our offer!