BroadLink - automatics for home

In the category of “Broadlink - Automatics for home” you'll find ready-made device to replace Your regular home into a smart home, the equipment will fit into the idea of IoT (Internet of Things, Internet of Things). We offer special smart sockets, wall lamps, relays, 230 V and buttons and devices for the control and management of the entire system. Thanks to them you will be able not only to control any connected device, but also to keep statistics on their use and save energy. With the help of such solutions increases the degree of control over each process running on the connected electronic device connected to the system. You can also, due to such solutions to improve the safety of the household and the apartment with the help of the programs from cracking.


Smart Home

Broadlink – automatics for home

Devices in the home automation manufacturer Broadlink are very practical tools that will help you transform Your home into a smart home, which you can control using apps on your smartphone. Each of these devices, when connected to a wi-fi network, will become part of the system. Thus, you can control any device, such as a smart connector, relay or button to turn on the lighting in the room. It also includes a special alarm system, the elements of which are door opening sensors, motion sensors, and device Central. You can easily extend the range and protection, giving more sensors (e.g., next to the entry door or garage door).

All these components are compatible with other Broadlink products and special applications (E-Control) on mobile devices with operating systems Android and iOS. Such equipment is able to create different dependencies and designed scenes, such as simulation of presence in the apartment during the long vacation. A good example are switched on and off equipment (radio, TV) and the light in the different rooms. Included in the system the sensors can also be used to create dependencies, not having a direct relationship with the protection against hacking, for example, who supply to run the lights or the air conditioning when it detects presence in the room.

What we offer in this section?

You will find in Botland attractive offer the kit with the device and sensors. This product is designed to protect against burglary. We also offer high quality button wall to run the lighting. Devices are mounted in places traditional sensors and are connected via a wireless wi-fi network. Switches contain from one to three buttons, made of tempered glass, they interact with waves at a frequency of 433 MHz, and in addition the light can control, for example, the air conditioner or electric shutters. In assortment we have also the control devices of various capabilities, as well as relays and smart plugin. In addition to the possibility of remote control devices also have physical buttons that perform the function of alarm in case of lack of possibility to use the services of the application.