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Filaments for 3D printers work similarly to traditional inks or toners for popular printing machine models. Without them you will not be able to finalize your projects and insufficient quality of these products may affect your overall satisfaction. It is therefore essential to choose only top quality assortment. We can give our word that our products in this category have been prepared in such a way that they will meet expectations of even the most demanding customers. Take the opportunity and familiarize yourself with the offer of



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Products by page

Select appropriate filaments and print in high quality

If you want to be satisfied with your 3D printing you need to equip yourself with properly tailored materials as 3D printers alone are not enough. Each project is different, therefore each one of them requires special solutions, techniques or temperatures. In our offer you will find all kinds of filaments used for professional three-dimensional printing. In you will come across such materials as: PLA, PLA Pro, ABS, Smart ABS, PETG, Rubber or HIPS-X and many other less popular suggestions which may turn out to be the most appropriate for your projects. We are fully aware that only top quality products can satisfy our customers, therefore in our offer you can find manufacturers that use the finest granular materials. - your satisfaction is guaranteed

We can proudly state that our team consists of the greatest specialists in the market who constantly monitor the technology industry and make every effort to adapt the products to meet the needs of the most demanding customers (both those experienced and those who are just beginning their journey with 3D printing). We approach every order individually and we thoroughly select the products that are later sent to our customers - thanks to it, we can be sure that everyone is fully satisfied with their choice. Filaments available in this category are a perfect example of our promise of satisfaction - these products are ready to be used. In our offer you will find spools in different colors (weighting from 1.1 to 2.2 lbs), as well as with various diameters available in two sizes: 0.068 and 0.11 inches.