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Home automation devices of the Polish company Zamel are high-quality products that enable building a comprehensive intelligent building management system. In addition to the Supla project under an open-source license, which uses Wi-Fi ESP8266 and the Exta Life series covering mainly transceivers operating at 868MHz radio frequency in a bi-directional transmission (full-duplex), Zamel also offers devices from the Exta Free series, which allow the user to build an attractive and practical intelligent installation in a simple way, without having to connect long cables. The Exta Free series modules use 868MHz half-duplex (single-directional transmission) radio frequency for communication, which means unidirectional transmission. The most important goal that the designers of the Exta Free system wanted to realize physically was the possibility of wireless communication of the modules. The small dimensions of Exta Free modules enable their installation in flush-mounted boxes. Thanks to the wireless communication option, the problem of routing communication and power cables has been eliminated. Thanks to this, there is no need for a thorough renovation, both in old buildings and newly built after the renovation. We also offer wireless remote controls that allow you to easily control intelligent installations at home.


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Products by page

Zamel Exta Life - flush-mounted boxes - tremendous power of communication and control hidden in the walls!

The Zamel Exta Free series modules offered by the Botland store are devices with built-in radio communication circuits that perform one-way transmission in the form of transmitting and receiving radio waves in the 868MHz band. Such radio modules can work with traditional, standard wall light switches without having to re-unravel the walls. Receiving systems from the Exta Life series perform executive functions by driving various processes involving physical devices such as lighting, air conditioning or a garage door. The offer of the Botland store also includes intelligent 230VAC electric sockets and LED strip drivers.

EFC-02 - a small and comprehensive command unit for home automation devices

The Zamel Exta Life series modules available in the Botland store also includes devices for central intelligent home management. An example of such a device is EFC-02. It is a small control panel that has a superior function over transmitting and receiving devices from the Exta Life series. The big advantage of the EFC-02 control panel is its huge configuration options, according to the user's preferences. In addition to standard parameters that can be controlled in most popular building automation systems, i.e. lighting presets, heating temperature or gate opening and closing, the EFC-02 control panel can also work with fire detectors and alarm systems. The user can also monitor the charge status of batteries supplying individual modules on an ongoing basis, edit and load control module settings, and add additional modules in the event of further expansion of the building.