Exta Free - sensors and modules

Automation for home from the Exta Free Polish company Zamel waited quite a large product range, covering almost all areas of demand, which can run into, build your own smart home. It is important to note that all the controllers, sensors or modules are designed to facilitate independent functioning of the installation, which significantly reduces investment costs. One of the main advantages of the system is a wireless connection.


Smart Home

Products by page

Products by page

Smart house of XXI century

The basic assumption from which came the designers product lines Exta Free, that's right – the modules needs to connect wirelessly while creating setup it was possible to avoid cumbersome and costly cabling and control. Due to the small size of the modules dopuszkowych they can be installed in conventional banks hidden setting that allows to "put" installation without the need for at least one new cable. This advantage is especially important in areas recently cast in operation after construction or repair. Dedicated wireless provide easy opening gates, or manage the house from any point throughout.

Intelligence hidden inside the walls!

Modules of canned side in a series of Exta Free is both the transmitter and the receivers. These first works even with existing key switches, which greatly facilitates the preservation of a unified interior design, if you have already installed the buttons were chosen to match the color scheme of the room. In our offer there are also switches for flush-mounted transmitters radio. Consumers, it is the Executive modules, which are used as the appropriate drivers for your home – they can switch the load on the network capacity of more than 1200 In or switch lanes and LED strips at a maximum current of 2.5 A and is powered by 14 VOLTS DC. In offer also remote controlled socket, a module to control a gate or dopuszkowy, radio temperature sensor RCT-01.

One device for all applications

The control panel EFC-02 is an integrated controller in an aesthetic, compact body, which is the heart of the entire system Exta Free. Extensive customization options allow use of the device not only in roles, such as control gates, temperature or lighting scenes in each room. It is possible to configure alarm functions, which controller EFC-02 will monitor a randomly selected sensor and, therefore, respond to detected threats. Appropriately configured and logically combined in application with remote control socket, side of canned modules of the Executive or input (for example, the remote switch or radio sensor temperature) allow to establish the necessary reaction and control of the house exactly in accordance with individual needs. We can set a temporary schedule, it is easy to add new devices or to check the status of the sensor batteries.