Exta Life - sensors and modules

Exta Life - sensors and modules - home Automation for today allows not only easy handling of the devices in the apartment, but also increases the safety of the household and also reduces operating costs , including primarily those associated with heating and supply of electricity. Until recently, the password "smart house" evoked two associations with modernity and high costs. Modules Exta Life of the Polish company Zamel right is only the first of them. You can find a wide range of products Exta Life available in our store.


Smart Home

Zamel - Exta Life - a Polish producer of world quality

Series Exta Life is a well - designed, modern line of products designed for various sizes of building automation systems. Wireless remotes allow you to remotely control appliances, adjust the lighting and temperature, whether there is automatic control of shutters. Possible schedule configuration control, and connecting sensors and configuring the alarm system. The system Exta Life uses wireless two-way data transmission in the ISM band at the frequency of 868 MHz.

Exta Life EFC-01 – the heart of the smart home

Controllers Exta Life EFC-01 represent the best basis for building a flexible and modern network of home automation. The power is supplied via micro-USB connector and the standard power consumption is 1.1 V. Compact and aesthetic device communicates with other devices operating in the network with a speed of 9600 b/sec, at a distance of 350 metres. Connection with mobile devices implemented based on TCP/IP Protocol, and to control you can use special apps for Android and iOS. You can control home devices with up to 100 channels, so the controllers Exta Life EFC-01 is able to "withstand" even more powerful network. Your smart home should not be just a dream – with devices Exta Life is now in your hands!

Drivers for all applications

Exta Life series includes a number of device – drivers, house – help control all types of equipment, electrical, control blinds automatically open the entrance gate. Transmitters dopuszkowe allow you to control compatible devices using the buttons on the wall or other external devices. The available modules are run as part of the network, and batteries that will increase the flexibility of the installation. In a series of Exta Life you will also find 2 and 4 channel transmitters, keypads with built-in temperature sensors. In the case of large systems, can be useful retransmittery dopuszkowe, significantly increasing the range of the radio network. In our offer available also controllers lighting in the form of dopuszkowych dimmers and various remote controls that allow easy and intuitive control of the system without attracting for this purpose, mobile devices.