Exta Life - sensors and modules

Exta Life is a series of sensor devices and building automation modules from the Polish company Zamel. With the help of Exta Life series devices, you will be able to significantly increase the comfort of using your home or production hall as well as significantly increase the security of the facility and reduce the costs of electricity and heating. Zamel products from the Exta Life series are characterized by high quality, a wide range of possibilities of use, long life, and everything at an affordable price. Our Zamel Exta Life product range includes 2-, 4-, 8- and 32-channel remote controls enabling the control of all modules operating in one building automation system, multi-channel radio transmitters and receivers ensuring bidirectional data transmission in the 868MHz (ISM) frequency band, integrated lighting and heating controllers, as well as modules central control. Exta Life modules can be controlled from a smartphone, and their hardware capabilities do not differ from the global level of building automation devices from other manufacturers.


Smart Home

Zamel Exta Life - multi-purpose home automation controllers

The range of Zamel Exta Life automation devices available in the Botland store includes simple to use and functionally advanced home automation controllers. From the remote control or smartphone, the user can control the switching on and off of reflectors working in the electrical system, such as lighting, heating, blinds, doors, as well as multimedia devices. Exta Life modules can be powered by both an AC adapter and a battery. If you plan to connect an intelligent installation in a building of particularly large dimensions, e.g. in a production hall, then a great device for such tasks is the retransmitter, which increases the range of the radio signal. Multi-channel remote controls are also available in our store, which is characterized by simple operation, so there is no need to use a mobile phone with an application to control the smart installation. Exta Life controllers give the user great freedom when designing building automation systems.

Exta Life - full control over an intelligent building

In the Exta Life product range, the Botland store also offers the Exta Life EFC-01 central controller. It is a device that enables the control of all building automation systems. The Exta Life EFC-01 control panel allows you to control up to 100 devices at the same time. Communication with external devices is carried out using the TCP / IP protocol. The control panel is controlled from a mobile phone using a mobile application that can work on both Android OS and Apple iOS. The EFC-01 control module is equipped with a micro USB socket that provides 5V supply voltage. The recommended power supply must have a minimum current efficiency of 300mA. Due to the specially designed small casing, the control unit module takes up a small amount of space, so it can be installed e.g. in a control cabinet. Home automation devices from the Exta Life series are a guarantee of the highest quality and customer satisfaction.