Drones DJI Mavic

Drones DJI Mavic are characterized by compact dimensions and relatively low weight, which provides full mobility. In addition, different simple and easy control, so it can be used by people even with little experience. Moreover, quality camera provides not only clear vision but also a stable video shooting with natural color. Large radius, in combination with effective elements, provides a comfortable work. The high quality of workmanship and attention to detail that makes Drones DJI Mavic they are used by both professionals and less experienced operators, who appreciate the continuous work of the device.


  • Drones DJI Mavic Drones DJI Mavic

    In our online shop you will find Botland pocket drones with camera from the Mavic that will provide excellent photos and videos. The DJI company specializing in the production of high-end drones and is a real tycoon in its class. Offers professional, small flying machines that...

  • Spare parts for DJI Mavic Spare parts for DJI Mavic

    Spare parts, accessories and spare elements for drone DJI Mavic.

  • Control equipment for DJI Mavic Control equipment for DJI Mavic

    In the case of the ancient, remote-controlled flying models, flight control was to determine the direction and speed with which this car had to move. Operators of modern quadrocopterów have in front of you, however, is much more challenging – especially if lead is so advanced...

  • Accessories for DJI Mavic Accessories for DJI Mavic

    Drones DJI Mavic belong to the extremely popular devices in its class półprofesjonalnej. The compact size, the systems that support smart bypassing obstacles and speed up to 40 km/h make of them a great offer for people who want flying design provided support in...

Drones DJI Mavic - basic information

In our offer you will find both the drones and all the necessary accessories and devices that work with this kind of equipment. There is, in particular, the first and second generation of DJI Mavic, sold separately, or the most comfortable for maximum throughput in the kit. In the later case, designated as PRO device equipped with a camera that can record video at a maximum resolution of 4K and take pictures with a quality of 20 Mpx. In addition, the use of modern HDR algorithms ensures accurate setting of the recording parameters for the current conditions. Moreover, a very sensitive 3-axis gimbal ensures smooth shooting in almost any conditions. Hybrid AF instantly zooms to the sharpness of the image, whereby the recorded images are of high clarity. A number of intelligent sensors area, in particular over security, which makes drones DJI Mavic is the perfect solution for people who are looking for the device, featuring a wide functionality and universal application. The store Botland, you will also find the second generation described drones with an extremely useful feature is optical zoom. Such models have the increase which is very important during shooting or shooting of objects, for example. Moreover, the possibility of creating hyperlapsów further diversifies the record. From our range we can also recommend the first generation Mavic drones that are sold in various configurations.

Drones DJI Mavic accessories

In our store you will find a number of accessories designed in particular for drones DJI Mavic, which, on the one hand, extend the capabilities of the underlying device, which makes them more versatile, and with another-increases the comfort of use. Shop Botland available, in particular, multimedia glasses equipped with a module for video transmission. The use of high-quality displays, combined with very low latency signal transmission, which makes this type-the type of sunglasses facilitate work with dronem, especially in the case of complex conditions. In addition, we offer models that can control the drone with head movements of the operator. Moreover, the low weight and high quality materials used for manufacturing eyeglasses provide comfortable use even for long periods of time. Drones DJI Mavic compatible with many accessories available in our store.

Spare parts for drones

In the case of damage to the unit, in the range of Botland store you will find all the main spare parts, through which Your drone will again be fully operational. In most cases, the entire replacement process is very simple and does not take much time, so needs to cope with it even novice people. With the help of our part says that drones DJI Mavic again wzbiją in the air, making high-quality pictures and photos.