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Meet the Mavic drones of the famous DJI manufacturer. It can be safely said that DJI is not only one of the largest companies in the world dealing in the professional production of flying machines, but also a kind of monopoly on this market. The company was founded in 2006 by a young Chinese entrepreneur, Frank Wang, and is constantly successful behind success!


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    In our online shop you will find Botland pocket drones with camera from the Mavic that will provide excellent photos and videos. The DJI company specializing in the production of high-end drones and is a real tycoon in its class. Offers professional, small flying machines that...

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    Spare parts, accessories and spare elements for drone DJI Mavic.

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    In the case of the ancient, remote-controlled flying models, flight control was to determine the direction and speed with which this car had to move. Operators of modern quadrocopterów have in front of you, however, is much more challenging – especially if lead is so advanced...

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    Drones DJI Mavic belong to the extremely popular devices in its class półprofesjonalnej. The compact size, the systems that support smart bypassing obstacles and speed up to 40 km/h make of them a great offer for people who want flying design provided support in...

DJI Mavic drones are characterized by compact dimensions and relatively low weight, which guarantees full mobility. Thanks to this, you are able to choose a compromise that will give you many possibilities. In addition, the Mavic drones are distinguished by simple and uncomplicated control, so they can be used by people with little experience. In turn, the high-quality camera not only provides detailed and expressive photos, but also stable video shots with natural color reproduction. The large range in combination with efficient links ensures comfortable work and perfect functionality. The high quality of workmanship and attention to every detail means that DJI Mavic Drones are eagerly used by both professionals and novice drone operators who value trouble-free operation of the device.

What is worth to know on DJI Mavic drones? Most important informations

In our offer you will find drones as well as all necessary accessories and devices cooperating with this type of equipment. The presented drones available in this category are really durable and practical. Mavic series drones, produced by DJI, include the first and second categories of devices. The products are sold separately or in sets that contain the most necessary elements and peripherals, increasing the drone's capabilities.

In the newer version marked as PRO, the DJI drone is equipped with a camera that can record video in maximum 4K resolution and shoot with 20 Mpx quality. As you know, this creates a great opportunity. When you buy this type of DJI Mavic drone, you get the best of everything.

The use of modern HDR algorithms in Mavic drones guarantees you precise adjustment of recording settings to the current conditions. However, this is still not all! Mavic drones implement a very sensitive 3-axis gimbal. It provides smooth video shots in virtually any conditions.

Add to this all the hybrid autofocus, which will instantly focus the image. As a drone operator, you don't have to do anything more (though of course you can!). The image recorded by the DJI Mavic drone is characterized by very high clarity.

Features, capabilities and additional accessories for DJI Mavic drones

The first and second category of DJI Mavic drones have built-in specialized sensors that facilitate the performance of various works. These devices are famous for being extremely reliable. A number of intelligent sensors watch over in order to make the flight as safe as possible. This makes DJI Mavic drones an ideal solution for people who are looking for a device that stands out with its wide functionality and versatile use. At the same time, they are products for people who want a safe drone.

In our store you will find a number of accessories for DJI Mavic drones. On one hand, peripheral devices expand the capabilities of the base device, making them more versatile, on the other, they improve comfort and safety of use. Multimedia glasses equipped with a video transmission module are available in the Botland store. The use of high-quality displays in combination with very low signal transmission delays make this type of glasses easier to work with the drone, especially in difficult conditions. If you're looking for an alternative control system, you've come to the right place! We offer drone models that can control the drone with the help of operator's head movements!

DJI Mavic drones – choose the best drone and proven spare parts

In case of damage to the device in the Botland offer you will find all the most important spare parts, thanks to which your drone will be fully functional again. In most cases, the entire replacement process is very simple and does not take much time, so even beginners should handle it. With our parts, you can make DJI Mavic drones rise into the air again, recording high-quality shots and photos. We offer quick help in any case!

DJI Mavic drones are fully compatible with many accessories available in our store. These are proven devices that have a lot of good customer reviews. Join this group now by purchasing your dream drone!