Cubes electric

Dice electrical is a well-known electrical connectors. Used almost always for the connection of cables, especially in power systems, 230V in our homes and not only. Classic ceramic cubes electric, with connectors with a cloth no longer available – has been replaced by plastic elements, often have other mechanisms for mounting the wires in the pad. Instead of threaded connections apply a wide variety of handles samozaciskowych, or dźwigniowych that significantly improve the comfort of installation of this type of element.


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Modern electrical connectors

The necessity of joining electrical cables, in particular in power plants, is not strange. Often need to for example connect the lamp to the network, or to combine with a wire in the junction box, when you installation of sockets, switches, etc. Along with the popularization of home automation systems is also increasing the level of complexity of the power system in our homes, and therefore the amount required to make calls. Not only in industrial automation systems, where there are many circuits that need to connect. Here, the speed in handling the staff come modern cubes electric. If the use of bolted connections is as correct, that the use of modern samozaciskowych cubes, etc. significantly increases the comfort of their installation and reduces the time required to execute the connection.

A wide range of voltages and currents work

In our store presents a wide selection of electric cubes with different parameters. These elements differ, in particular, the maximum voltage and current work, the number of interconnects, cables, and fasten. Most cubes are designed for network connections, therefore their working voltage is not lower than 250 V. there are also bones with higher voltages of operation, from 300 V to 450 V. the Maximum allowable current determined by the load blocks. Typical items available in our store, move can from 3 A to 20 A current, but also available in bone, designed for use with currents as high as 32 A.

The selection of pieces of electric for specific applications

The select a connection method for a specific application in our network or electrical cabinets for industrial automation is not easy. On the choice of connectors for this system depends on many factors such as electrical parameters, dimensions and mechanical, method of insertion of the cable into the connector, the possibility of mounting a piece of electricity for housing or it cost. The cheapest electric cubes, per pin, of a conventional screw. Their undoubted advantage is the low price and versatility – they are sold in a wide range of sizes and number of contacts and currents (up to 30 A).