Board compatible with Arduino - Cytron

Cytron is a thriving company, which was founded by enthusiasts from Malaysia, whose dedication and knowledge contributed to the creation of an extremely professional brand. Today, there are over 100 of products on the market made by Cytron. Their quality, design and functionality have been widely appreciated all over the world of programmable electronics. Cytron is a company that can be an inspiration for people who are also passionate about robotics, electronics and embedded systems and who wish to turn it into something more. On the list of Botland's products you can find the best boards that are compatible with extremely popular Arduino devices. One of the most popular and high-quality products is the Cytron Combat Robot Controller, which has a built-in motor controller. It is a module that has the ability to handle very complex tasks while controlling the engine. Each enthusiast of robotics can surely appreciate the quality and performance of Cytron products. Therefore, we kindly suggest you check out our offer!

Cytron - a company born from passion

The people who created Cytron are extraordinary enthusiasts who have devoted all their commitment and time to creating high quality robotics parts. The company was founded in 2004 and since then it has been constantly developing, providing functional products to both hobbyists and professionals. Instructors and students have the opportunity to use devices that educate primarily through practice. In this way, even beginners quickly assimilate the basics of automation, robotics, electronics and programming.

Moreover, the great advantage of the products is that they have the necessary functionality and are available at very affordable prices. Therefore, it is an excellent alternative to Arduino components. The Cytron company stands out on the market because it approaches the customer very personally and tries to meet his actual needs. Since 2004, the five-person team has developed into a group of 35 people who already work on their own production line. There are already over 100 components presented by Cytron on the market. Every enthusiast of programmers can appreciate their execution and extraordinary functionality.

What do we offer in this section?

We offer a very wide range of products that are compatible with the Arduino platform, but especially one item is worth mentioning. Cytron has created a very interesting product called Cytron Maker Mini Sumo, which is a robot used in mini-sumo fights. This overlay is compatible with Arduino Nano and Uno minicomputers, so the whole device becomes a controller, which allows to control the robot during fights. The device works on the ATmega 328P microcontroller, which is programmable in Arduino IDE environment. In the board there are two sockets for ring line crossing sensors and five digital inputs to connect distance sensors. The board is also equipped with two inputs/outputs, which can serve as analogue and digital ports. The device can also change the function into a remote-controlled robot. A sample code has also been prepared on the board, which allows to control the robot with the remote control. Moreover, our list includes very popular products - Cytron Combat Robot Controller, which has a motor controller, Cytron CT_ARMNUC131, Cytron Maker Uno Plus or Cytron Maker Uno.

The greatest advantages of Cytron products

It is important for every programmer to find a brand of products that are functional, high quality and affordable. However, it is equally important for the manufacturer to understand the needs of its users and create devices that actually respond to them. Cytron has won the trust of its customers with this user-friendly approach. Their products are perfectly crafted and, moreover, born of extremely interesting ideas, enriched with all the necessary innovations. Sometimes the best alternative to the world's sales leader is to choose products of a small company creating its products with passion. In our store both beginners and advanced users can find what they need to improve their skills and create extremely creative and complex projects. All components are of high quality and yet they are an ideal alternative to more expensive products. Therefore, Cytron will undoubtedly develop its products further and you can test them today!