Connectors is Electromechanical partsthat are required to create electrical connections between elements of electronic circuits. Without them will not work either - the easiest and most advanced project. In this regard, there are many types of connectors for different applications, form, level of complexity, functions, parameters, properties, and quality. To facilitate viewing, we split the connectors into sub-categories, and we also added the store Botland filter to narrow search criteria. Welcome to purchase!


  • Connectors pin - goldpin Connectors pin - goldpin

    Connectors pin type goldpin are one of the most popular connectors used in electronics as a contact mediator between the circuits on the circuit Board PCB and external equipment . The store Botland you will find single and double row goldpin connectors are type a female...

  • Pogo Pin Pogo Pin

    Testing of electronic devices is an art, especially if we have a whole production line, which has created hundreds of cubic meters per hour. Each individual module should be tested to damaged devices were not included in the target customers. If the validation of electronic...

  • Cubes electric Cubes electric

    Dice electrical is a well-known electrical connectors. Used almost always for the connection of cables, especially in power systems, 230V in our homes and not only. Classic ceramic cubes electric, with connectors with a cloth no longer available – has been replaced by plastic...

  • Quick couplings Quick couplings

    " Electrical quick connector " - Installed device, and in a hurry? Installation You developed the device lasts too long? Or maybe just looking for a proven and reliable method multiple connect and disconnect signals, power lines and other devices in your system? Be sure to pay...

  • Plugs and sockets for DC Plugs and sockets for DC

    Plugs and sockets for DC - Any electronic circuit requires power. For devices with external power supplies, you need a DC Jack. This connector must have the appropriate options, suitable for plug - in power supply - operating voltage , maximum current , and the shape of...

  • BNC connectors BNC connectors

    BNC connector - In our assortment you will find sockets and the BNC plug is used for connection of coaxial pipes . These are used in aparaturach measurements for signal transmission of digital television and analog radiotelekomunikacji and to connect computer networks. We...

  • Connectors BLS Connectors BLS

    Connectors BLS is a family wielopinowych connectors pitch 2.54 mm. They are set on wires and is designed for connection to goldpinów. With simple installation, low price and a wide choice of available connectors, they are used in electronics to connect systems and individual...

  • Connectors ARK Connectors ARK

    Connection of SHEETS in the form of modules consisting of at least two terminals with screw terminals that are isolated against each other. Such screw connections are used for crimping wires which are not soldered directly to the PCB. Connector ARK is equipped with a large...

  • D-SUB connectors D-SUB connectors

    D-SUB is one of the many types of connectors used in electronic devices, especially in computer hardware. The name comes from the shape of the connector body to the template of the letter D. D-SUB Connectors have two or more parallel rows of contacts in the form of pins...

  • Connectors FSF / FPC ZIF Connectors FSF / FPC ZIF

    Connectors FSF / FPC ZIF Manufacturers of electrical appliances, electronic equipment and automation systems that accompany us every day and in devices for home use, as well as industry, to meet the expectations of designers-both Amateurs and professionals, give us standalone...

  • Connectors Amphenol FCI Connectors Amphenol FCI

    Connectors Amphenol FCI " argument is a family of crimp connectors with electric. They are intended to connect the tips of the flat cables FFS. Label this applies to any kind of electric cable which is thin and flexible. It is recognized, however, that the term of the FSF...

  • Banana connectors Banana connectors

    Banana connector is a single wire (jednożyłowe) electrical connection is used to connect different devices to each other by means of wires . There are different types of banana plugs, they are all based on the concept of spring metal impressive vision emphasis on unsprung...

  • Connectors krokodylkowe Connectors krokodylkowe

    Workshop electronics for the current connect different things. A connection between two modules, equipped with special connectors or connection sensor, which is equipped with plug simple as you want to quickly connect two insulated wires, or to connect a signal to a fragment...

  • Connector 4-pin Connector 4-pin

    Connector 4-pin Molex firms have become the standard in building computers represent the most common type of power connection with ATX power unit . In our assortment you will find everything you need to be able to apply these reliable connectors for Your project. To select...

  • Connectors Micro-Match Connectors Micro-Match

    Design of electronic devices requires an appropriate selection of connectors – not only for the external set, for example, the leading or rear panel. Equally important is the correct application of the elements designed to connect the internal nodes and circuit boards. The use...

  • Network connectors RJ Network connectors RJ

    Network connectors RJ many years ago, solely dominated the market of network devices, and telephone and nothing indicates that this situation had to change. Despite all the modernization that we see in other segments of IT, all of the devices with a LAN interface or a modem...

  • USB connectors USB connectors

    The invention and market launch of the US standard, facilitated calls between computers and external devices. The widespread use of USB has caused diametralne increasing the degree of compatibility between multiple devices. Currently produced computers of the PC standard class...

  • Jumper Jumper

    A very good method the settings in the hardware of electronic systems, ranging from small electronic circuits with various kinds of controllers, components of PC after a massive system multiprocessor systems are jumpers imposed on the electric contacts.

  • The end of the wires The end of the wires

    It is appropriate to do bits of electrical wires is important not only because of the aesthetics of the installation. In many cases, for example when wiring is used some of the energy coupling or screw connection, the use of the respective end of the cable is not only...

  • SMA connectors SMA connectors

    SMA connector - we Offer high quality SMA connector for use with the installation of WiFi antennas, GPS or GSM . In the same way as the BNC connector, SMA connector is used for connection of coaxial tubes which serve to transmit signals of high frequencies (18 GHz). The...

  • Connectors slip Connectors slip

    The vast majority of the connectors available on the market designed for static, i.e. in conditions where you can damage the two connected elements on any large displacement. However, in some cases, this limitation is of particular importance, which makes impossible the use of...

  • Connectors mounting Connectors mounting

    Properly fitted connectors installation not only much easier to maintain order in the internal wiring of the equipment and significantly reduce the time of the performance and the maintenance of the individual components. It is not surprising that connections of this type have...

  • Connectors 2.50 mm raster Connectors 2.50 mm raster

    Connectors bitmap represent one of the most frequently used types of contact elements in virtually all types of electronic devices. Although the main purpose of these components is the transmission of digital and analog signals in many applications the connectors of the raster...

  • Connector pitch 2.54 mm Connector pitch 2.54 mm

    Connectors raster gained and strengthened for many years an important position in the manufacture of electronic devices. The field of application of these elements to reach all sectors of electronics, from sets for self-Assembly and modules for fans, with the help of home...

  • Network connectors 230V Network connectors 230V

    Contrary to popular belief, choosing the appropriate connector AC power, called a "plug", is of great importance not only for aesthetics and convenience, but also for the safety of the device. You should know the practical differences between the different versions of the...

  • IDC connectors IDC connectors

    Ribbon and IDC connectors with different numbers of findings and of different lengths.


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Products by page

Products by page

A small but essential element of electronic advanced in the technical plan

The connector should be easy to use, provide quick installation and provide a durable, efficient and safe connection. Also has to guarantee isolation between outlets to work often in difficult conditions, and their design is protected against vibration, extreme temperatures, dirt, water and mud.

When designing the connections, adjust their properties for the application and specifications. Also taking into account the properties of the contacts of connectors are their resistance, the force of impact, protection and the number of cycles of connection and disconnection. A significant parameter is also the cost of links.

Therefore, experts from the store Botland has collected such a wide range of connectors, hoping that everyone will find exactly what you are looking for.

What to pay attention to when choosing connector

In the first place, on:

1. Application: the connector should have the required number of contacts, number of contacts, power, and configuration (plate-plate, cable-wire, Board-to-wire).

2. The speed of installation and ease of use: the connectors must be easy and quick to install.

3. Specifications electric: what you need to know is the total number of signals, the values of the transmitted voltage, frequency and amperage, and the type of signal (digital, analog signal strength or a combination thereof).

4. The amount of free space: that is, the size of the connector.

Given the continuous trend to reduce the size for almost all types of electronic devices, fewer and fewer are themselves connectors.

Remember that when using electronic elements, the outputs of which raster output is not compatible with the applicable switching charges, or elements of the system, you can always use adaptors or extension modules.

5. Environmental conditions: if the connector will work in a normal conditions, and will also be placed on vibration, temperature extremes, dirt, water, mud... ? (In this case, it is necessary to ensure the tightness of the connector)

6. Standard: there is the connector shall meet the requirements of certain standards?

7. Reliability: some connectors connects/disconnects are very rare, and in others it occurs so often that their specifications state parameter MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure) or MTTF (Mean Time To Failure), i.e., the average uptime.

8. Type endings: endings connect the connector contacts or connector with wire. There are several different types of terminations: crimp, solder, landing in tightness, quick release couplings, joints of SHEETS, etc. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, and production technology largely determines the quality of the connection and its longevity.

9. The durability and security of connections: many connections, exposed to shock and vibration (e.g., automation). Therefore, in such situations, it is desirable to use spring terminals or connectors ARK.

In case of questions and doubts you can always count on store employees Botland. We will select the appropriate connector for Your project. Welcome to purchase!