Sets design

Sets design - best to learn in the game. Therefore, in the Botland store you will find many, very different toys, construction - for younger and older children and sometimes even their parents that are a great way to introduce you to the basics of engineering and robotics. We gathered here a big collection of the most interesting sets of design and educational institutions, cars and robots. From programmable devices, remote-controlled working, for example, with energy that comes from salt water, after the model learned the basics of programming, physics and mechanics. Welcome to the fun!



Products by page

Products by page

Construction toys - Learning through play

To acquire basic skills from the field of electronics, robotics, mechanics and physics is a great way of infecting the child's passion for science, programming, and engineering solutionsthat with high probability it will pay off in their future. Shop Botland respects boundless imagination and the ingenuity of their Junior colleagues, offering them toys designs: from simple and fun projects, following more complex sets that require more knowledge.

The perfect solution for parents and grandparents, as well as for schools

Every parent and teacher looking for educational toys for children, of course, wants a set of linked elements of science, technology, engineering and robotics. Therefore, we gathered here a wide range of construction kits, ranging from:

- foldable independently of cars, motorcycles and robots (powered by the energy coming from salt water or solar energy),

- educational kits allow you to learn the rules of the electric current, electromagnets and motors

of sets, equipped with sensors,

kits for learning the basics of programming and physics

- intelligent toy with plates BinaryBots totem Sensor, which makes that feature not a crab or spider, behave like living beings.

We find here also:

- equipped with artificial intelligence, the lizard, the design of which was based on agamie kołnierzastej (lat. Chlamydosaurus kingii). Clever bastard, after input software, the threat of opening the hood, to fall, to scare the attacker, and escapes.

More experienced kids will love:

- pads totem Mechanics to create simple or more complex designs that use mechanical and electronic (expandable with a wide range of brackets that are placed at an angle of 45° or 90°)

and Lego Boost creativity and develop basic skills in the field of engineering and programming (set apart blocks that will represent one of 5 different interactive models includes sensors, motor and instruction with finished projects).

Toy model is definitely better with a bear

Self-assembled vehicles and robots, of varying difficulty stimulate creativity and curiosity, the children are learning, planning and creation, implementation of sequential stages, tasks, to cope with mistakes and difficulties. Sophisticated, working model will be an occasion for happiness and gain confidence.