Micro N20 engines MP series - Medium Power

Micro-motors are compatible with the Pololu motor company. They are characterized by low current consumption.


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Products by page

Products by page

Micro N20 engines MP series - Medium Power high quality

Engines of this type is a great offer for people who expect a very good ratio of price and quality. Engines the N20 Motors are characterized by high quality and great durability. The main advantage of this type of sentences is more than three times lower than the amount for a car than the competition. I should add that this line is created so that the accessories are made for engines of popular companies Pololu compatible with these components. These accessories include special mounting elements-engines, or, for example, a suitable plastic ring for mobile robots. If You depend on the ability to use discounts on accessories Pololu, a choice of engines from the range N20-motors", will allow You to freely combine these elements.

What we offer in this category?

In our offer is more than 40 products with different characteristics. A very important aspect in equipment of this type is the size and weight of the components, because they are often used in devices that should occupy as little space as possible. Good examples are robots, or, for example, a robotic prosthesis for human limbs. A key aspect is to hide all the components to specified dimensions. All engines of this category have a diameter of 12 mm, their length is exactly 24 mm, the shaft diameter is 3 mm (important, for example, in the selection wheel) and weigh 10 g. This is the most popular size for this type of devices from a range of companies Pololu. They provide great opportunities, while maintaining its relatively small size. This series of products is characterized by a compromise between the capabilities of the engine and the level of their consumption. Due to the fact that devices with such silniczkami will be strong enough for many tasks and yet would not require additional power (for example, a greater number of links). The required values of voltage and current, vary depending on the model and ranges from 1 V to 12 V. this is most Often, however, components operating from 3 V to 9 V. electric Motor with jednostajnej work without load, requires the current of about 40 mA, 70 mA, 80 mA or 100 mA (depending on model). At a time when there is a load (e.g., during startup), the engine should be delivered a current of much greater intensity. For example; in the case of the device, the torque of 1 kg*cm and speed reducer 50:1 removed the tension may be about 700 mA, while during jednostajnej operating without any load required 40. This is almost twenty times more important. The proposed products include integrated transmission, thanks to which motors have the ability, for example, offer a much higher strength (due to the smaller number of revolutions). A very important parameter influencing the engine is a type of gear; we offer 5:1, 10:1, 30:1, 50:1, 75:1, 100:1, 150:1, 210:1, 250:1 and 298:1. Not less important are torque settings, we offer you 0.1 kg*cm, 0.3 kg*cm 0.5 kgf*cm, 0.6 kg*cm, 0.9 kg*cm, 1.1 kg*cm, 1.2 kg*cm, 1.4 kg*cm, 1.6 kg*cm, 1.9 kg*cm, 2.2 kg*cm, 2.9 kg*cm, 3.2 kg*cm, 3.6 kg*cm and 4.3 kg*cm we offer engines running 45 rpm 75 rpm 120 rpm 140 rpm, 170 rpm, 200 rpm, 210 rpm, 220 rpm, 250 rpm, 290 rpm, 320 rpm, 400 rpm, 420 rpm, 625 rpm, 730 rpm, 2000 rpm and 3000 rpm (depending on model).