Air purifiers

Air purifiers that eliminate dust, pollen, animal hair and other contaminants, as well as getting rid of unpleasant odors and harmful substances and microorganisms. It is a perfect solution for Allergy sufferers, families with young children and pet owners. Also a great option for people living in highly contaminated areas, for example, in large cities or close to industrial areas.


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What you should know before you purchase air purifier?

The main element of each device of this type are air filters. Cleaning usually occurs trzystopniowo: first, the air flow passes through prefilter, which remove the large impurities (dust, dander, etc.). Then the air passes through a highly efficient HEPA filter, through which you can get rid of small dust particles, and most viruses, mites, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, pollen and spores. At the end of the air passes through a carbon filter, which remove volatile organic substances such as odors or smoke constituents (as benzopireny). The performance of the device CADR, that is, the air flow rate in cubic meters per hour.

Useful functions

Air purifiers can be equipped with additional functions such as humidification or decontamination with a special UV lamp. Very useful feature is air ionization equipment produces positively charged ions that combine with negative ions in the air and prevent electrification. Also convenient is the ability to configure the operating mode or off switch. Some models are also equipped with sensors for dirt or odors.

What else to pay attention?

Each air purifier has a performance area, which is usually between 10 m2 and 30 m2. Should take this into account if you want to install the unit in a large building, it is necessary to mount multiple instances (if the action is to be effective). And the choice of mode is important especially for users who are sensitive to noise - improving the efficiency of cleaning is due, as a rule, most of the functioning of the device. Therefore, in the programmable models can be set to a more intensive mode of operation to the time when you will be outside the room. Also remember that regular replacement of the filters, depending on the indications of the manufacturer, refers to do all that from 3 to 12 months.