Diagnostic camera

Camera diagnostic is used for fault diagnosis in hard to reach areas, to conduct surveillance and monitoring of results. In this category you will find scan cameras of various types: among other things, endoscopes, and cameras, visual inspection and microscopes and smart camera is designed for use in home automation.

Diagnostic camera and devices associated

Traditionally called inspection camera is determined, most often, technical and industrial endoscopes (borescopes) which are used primarily for fault diagnosis in hard to reach areas (e.g. inside of sewer pipes). However, this name is also sometimes used as the definition of smart cameras visual inspection that is an integral part of the vision system with home automation or in industry.

Endoscopes and microscopes

Air ducts are perfect when you want to watch, the video or photograph the interior inaccessible places - for example, in the case of a failure in the installation of the home or needed repairs of the car. The camera of the endoscope is placed on the end of a long flexible hose. In the case of this type of device the most important is the resistance to adverse conditions (in particular, water, dust and high temperature), as well as having its own light source. A useful feature is also the ability to output images on the computer screen. In this section you can find also digital microscopes, with the ability to record the magnification and shooting with high resolution. Also available is a package inspection with their own lighting, monitor and scale the image.

Smart camera

Smart camera to detect motion and objects, so are a necessary element of home automation and industrial. Available in this category of models have many useful features, among the other connection via wi-fi and 3G, recording in the dark, as well as keeping conversations with the integrated microphone and speaker. A particularly interesting proposal is Shelly's Eye, which after installation can be connected with the smartphone app and on a regular basis to transfer the picture and sound on the phone - it can then be used to monitor a home or as an electronic babysitter.