Wire for supplying

Wire feed is used to connect the servo driver. They allow you to connect one, two or more supply (in the case of branching wires) to the Central control device. In this category we offer a wide range of circuits for supplying high-class. There are cables of varying lengths rozgałęziacze for the servos, as well as models with built-in capacitor elektrolitycznym, which provides filtering of the control signal serwem. Thanks to the selection of cables of high quality without loss to pass the signal to the servo, which allows to achieve maximum precision and excellent results in the control element. Well-chosen leads also allow reducing the consumption of precious space inside the device housing using servo, so it is important each time to choose the right model that will fit in a specific project.

Wire for supplying

Wire feed is used to connect the servo control. They have a number of features that determine their suitability in this application. One of them is the availability of the required plug-ins on both ends of the cable – plug the servo (or in the case of the splitter feed) with driver without soldering cables. Most often the wires for the servos consist of three veins (sometimes there may be four or five) that to facilitate the differences have insulation of different colors. In commercially available cables to feed different lengths, so you can choose the option that is best suited in a research project. Convenient are also splitters for servos that allow you to connect two or more innings in one driver.

Which wires, the servos, we offer in this category

In our assortment you will find a wide range of wire feed are available in different versions. We offer, among other things, a large selection of wires-rozgałęziaczy serv (the so-called wire Y) length of 15 cm, 20 cm, 30 cm and 60 cm models are Available with conductors connected taśmowo separated or skręconymi. All the cables for the servos offered in our online store have the veins marked with different colors of insulation that makes them easy to distinguish, even in curved żyłowaniem. The range of Botland you will find also models with a built-in capacitor elektrolitycznym capacity of 2200 µf maximum voltage of 10 V. This version is perfectly suited to projects that require an increase in the resistance of the receiving channel, which allows przefiltrowanie high-frequency signal and thereby to reduce the noise level. The body of the capacitor in the model has a diameter of 12.7 mm and length 25 mm. the Item also has a cable length of 60 mm connector plug for servo with three pins.

What to look for when buying

Choosing the right cables for the servos placed in the project can significantly improve the performance and prevent potential problems resulting from the incorrect functioning of these elements or other consequences of noncompliance. One of the main issues is the choice cable of appropriate length. Costs before you purchase to accurately measure required to overcome cable distance and choose the option that is closest to her – of course the length is a little more than planned distance between the input of the amplifier and the socket driver installed. However, you should not decide on a much longer cord, as this can lead to the fact that under the device, not enough space for more important elements. For this reason, a very practical solution to represent the divisors of the servos, which allow you to control two servos controlled by the same signal from one input on the driver. It should also be remembered that whatever option you choose – always use cables, servos, high quality and based on some sources, that allows to preserve the purity of the transmitted signal and, as a result, affect the operation of the entire device.