Unipolarne transistors (MOSFET)

Unipolar transistors (MOSFET) are characterized by electric field current control. We also call them field, they belong to semiconductor transistors and come in different variants. Most often we deal with MOSFET transistors, which act as a key with the function of switching on high power consuming components. MOSFET is the name of the technology, exactly Metal-Oxide Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor. It is used in the production of integrated circuits and unipolar transistors. So it works very well in the field of robotics and computer equipment. The first transistors appeared in 1925. Polish physicist was responsible for the project, but the model never left the design phase. The reason was the lack of any production possibilities. Therefore, the first transistor, which was produced on an industrial scale, was available in 1950. In Botland store you will find a large selection of unipolar transistors that differ in key parameters and thus are dedicated to different devices and projects. 



    Transistors unipolarne MOS transistor with a channel type R.


    Transistors unipolarne MOS transistor with a channel of type N.

Types of unipolar transistors and their main parameters 

MOSFET unipolar transistors consist of five basic elements, which are responsible for their effectiveness and efficiency. These include: isolator, Gate G, Drain D, Substrate B and Source S. Most of the available transistors are characterized by the substrate dense with the source and thus have three outputs. MOSFET unipolar transistors can be divided into two basic types - transistors with P channel and N channel. Differences between them can be observed in their construction as well as their purpose and application. The most popular is a transistor with an enriched channel, which is characterized by the voltage applied between the source and the channel gate. The drain located in it makes that when the transistor is switched off, no current flows. Such a solution can be used in virtually any device or machine and will act as a voltage-controlled switch. 

In MOSFET unipolar transistors one of the most important parameters is the open channel resistance. This is the state when the transistor acts as a resistor. It is worth noting that the smaller the resistance, the smaller the power loss. It is also important to pay attention to the maximum gate-source voltage. This is a value that cannot be exceeded. Otherwise there is a high risk of damaging the transistor. Furthermore, among the key parameters of unipolar transistors are maximum power loss and maximum drain current. In Botland store you can choose from many solutions, which you can successfully adjust to the specifics of your project and your own expectations. 

Usage of MOSFET unipolar transistors 

MOSFET unipolar transistors can have different applications, but most often they act as voltage controlled switches. They are great in this role, because they are distinguished by low open channel resistance and lack of current consumption by the gate. Bipolar transistors are used wherever the system is powered by low voltage. In case of unipolar transistors, the area of their use is the load control system, where current is drawn at the level of amps. 

Transistors available in our store are recommended to all electronics and DIY enthusiasts. They will work well in simple, basic projects, as well as more advanced and extended functionalities. Among the models that deserve special attention are IRL and BSS. It is also worth taking a closer look at the IRFZ44N transistor, which is distinguished by its ability to conduct high voltage and low open channel resistance. Take a closer look at our offer and learn about the advantages, features, properties and technical parameters of other transistor models. You can not decide on a particular model? We will be happy to advise you and help you make the best choice for you. Feel free to shop and contact us!