Unipolarne transistors (MOSFET)

Unipolarne transistors (MOSFET) Transistors unipolarne are available in different variations, each very different from the rest. In our store we offer You a wide selection of these accessories, electronic. Mosfet, i.e. Metal-Oxide Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor , is a technology currently used for the production of transistors unipolarnych and schematic diagrams, which are used for example in computers or robotics. A MOSFET transistor is one of the most popular currently electronic elements. We invite you to familiarize with our offer and if you have any questions to contact us.



    Transistors unipolarne MOS transistor with a channel type R.


    Transistors unipolarne MOS transistor with a channel of type N.

The transistors are the key elements

Unipolarne transistors (MOSFET) that we offer You is currently the most commonly used type of transistors , such as the keys, including the components that consume more power. The construction of the transistor type Mosfet consists of five basic elements – goals G, insulator, base B, drenu D and sources Sec. Most transistors that we offer are of the base is closed source, so have three conclusions. In the category of " unipolarne Transistors (MOSFET), we offer two types of elements: channel type N and P.

Two channel MOSFET

Our range unipolarne Transistors (MOSFET) available in two versions: type N and P, which differ from each other in their design. Most often selected the transistors with a channel saturated, in which the channel is formed when voltage is applied between the source and the goal. Off the transistor no current flows, and this is due to the drenu, which is located at a potential higher than the ground that polarizes the connector p-n zaporowo. Every artist or designer can use them as voltage-controlled switches in almost all devices or machines.

MOS transistors - Basic parameters

Unipolarne transistors (MOSFET), which we have in our product range Botland, have a variety of different settings, and for the most important ones from the point of a managed switch, as najczęstszego diy use this, in particular, rezystation open channel, where in this state, the transistor operates as a resistor in which the lower the impedance, the less power loss. The maximum voltage of the gateway-source, which should not be exceeded to prevent damage to the transistor. Drenu maximum current and maximum power losses.

The use of transformers Mosfet

We offer unipolarne Transistors (MOSFET) often used as voltage-controlled switchesto show two main advantages of these elements, i.e., no current through the gate and low resistance of open channel. We recommend the use of bipolar transistors is recommended when the system is powered by low voltage. Unipolarne transistors (MOSFET) are recommended to control loads pobierającymi currents of the order of amperes. The most important conclusion from this group of electronics is the fact that the MOSFET transistors, is a system where current flows depends on the magnitude of the applied voltage.

Most Popular Mos Transistors.

In our store available dozens of transformers, although the amount produced is many times greater, however, for beginners and electronics useful some types. The most popular in the retail trade is in fact three kinds: IRFZ44N – its main advantage is the low open channel resistance and the possibility of conduction of high voltage, IRL and BSS. Welcome to the if you have any questions contact our technical Department, we will reply for every question!