Unipolar transistors (MOSFET)

MOSFET (Metal-Oxide Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor) is currently the standard technology of production of transistors unipolarnych and schematic diagrams, which are used in particular in the field of robotics, computers, and "smart" electronic circuits. In this category of our store you will find both transistors of high quality, accessories, and ready-made modules. We recommend you to see the range that we have prepared for the most demanding customers and fans of cutting-edge technological innovation.



    Transistors unipolarne MOS transistor with a channel type R.


    Transistors unipolarne MOS transistor with a channel of type N.

MOSFET – the use of transistors unipolarnych

The use of this element in the amplifiers offers a huge number of combinations of active elements. MOS transistors can be used, in particular, in the amplifiers with direct advice, differential amplifiers, or at least the analog switches and bridges with automatic balancing. Are often the main key to connect the modules, systems or components that consume more power, e.g., motors.

Simply put, they are often used as voltage-controlled switches. Builders and designers can use them in almost all devices or machines, regardless of the status of their training. In this category you will find unipolarne transistors P-MOS transistor with channel P-type) and the N-MOS transistor with N-type channel).

When is the best time to use a MOSFET? Perfectly suited to control loads that use a current of the order of amperes. Thus, the value of the corresponding potential, without the need of energy supply through the driver.

Necessary supplies and equipment are available in

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