Holders and mounts for serv

Designers of robots Amateur very willing to use the Arsenal of tools and materials intended primarily for modelers. No wonder – the requirements of small robots from the point of view of the limitations of weight and size entirely, and the resulting forces and torques make fans of automatics can use popular servos. That's why we have developed a versatile holders in the service, which greatly facilitates the installation of private structures.

Handle pan/tilt

Available in our offer installations for supply facilitate the construction of high quality mechanisms to manage (in two axes) arrangement of different kinds of items, such as cameras, rangefinders and other sensors and effectors. This type of construction is commonly called a pan/tilt – creates, in essence, so-called PFC circuit kinematyczny. This means that each segment is "a link in the chain" – uses as a basis the previous item. Thus, the resulting motion of the last link and the related element are the motion actuators placed among all the other links. The simplest version of such a mechanism can only use two drives – one servo is responsible for the whole rotation in the vertical axis (right-left), and the second for the rotation in the horizontal axis (up and down). So work, for example, knobs, servos company Doug, with the cooperation with serwomechanizmami type standard and micro.

Examples of mechanisms, pan/tilt

One of the most interesting and spectacular ways to use this type of mechanism, robot, tracking of the person using the camera. It is possible for this purpose to apply minikomputer Raspberry Pi with camera module and trim type hat for managing services and of course the appropriate handle filing. In simpler applications, the camera can track just to move the object or, for example, only objects of this color. In the system of pan/tilt you can also resist the construction of a system for remote monitoring of apartments, rooms, studios, or as watching a 3D printer. However, in machine vision applications do not exhaust the list of possible applications of such mechanisms. Another interesting application is the construction of a simple robotycznego shoulder, culminating in the capture, also driven with the help of actuators (for example, Pololu Micro Gripper Kit). Shoulder such wykorzystywałoby aluminum mount for serve as structural elements.

Other pens for feeding

Nothing stands in the way to try to combine the two mechanism pan/tilt in a great chain – you only need to remember about maintaining a low weight completely, because below that the servos (i.e. the disks that work closer to the base of the robot) is charged with the total mass of the further the shoulders (and possible efektora). For more complex designs where the limit is only the imagination of the designer and torques applied flow, perfect various kinds of more or less complex installations for supplying, for example, FK-LS-001 or FK-MB-001.