Photon - robot educational

How to encourage young people to learning programming languages and to familiarize them with the opportunities of new technologies? The creators of the Polish education the Photon, chose the best possible roads: fun. Also recognized that science should not hesitate, therefore a device designed even for children of preschool age. However, students of classes 1 – 3 and 4 – 6 will not be bored in the company of a Photon robot. Moreover, he may accompany them in school events (for schools prepared components) as one's own, home electronic experiments.


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Show the world your robot

The creators of robot education the Photon device based on an original idea. Instead of prepare for kids another version of the device with a large number of functions and to encourage them to explore these opportunities put children in the role of teachers. All that the Photon must "know" themselves in reality, they have to teach its young users. The device itself, after the first run, only beginning, because to know the reality. Children have to cope with all the tasks, stages of adventure with a set of Photon because they are adapted to the age and cognitive capabilities of the user. The creators of the application to control the educational robot used for that purpose up to 4 interfaces of various types and complexity. Photon Robot and the Photon Encoding is an application designed for children. And the additional Photon EDU app was created for schools with the thought of the teachers who will conduct lessons using the Polish of the robot.

Childishly simple programming

The saying "simple is easier" in this case fits perfectly. Children can program your robot educational or Photon through puzzles, role-playing, which was artfully hidden real terms the basics of programming or using a simple graphical programming language. The second variant is suitable also for kids that love to create their own algorithms electronic toys. Was designed program gives young users the robot Photon wide field of activities, encouraging the development of logical thinking and unconventional solutions.

Optional accessories for school

A photon, like a robot educational works and looks the same as in the version for individual users and for schools. Special sensors allow him to respond to light, touch and change the color of the surface, and allows, in particular, distance measurement, estimate own position or the alarm of emotions. Kits designed for educational institutions, enriched, however, was on the special, large size (190 x 130 cm) Mat and map educational guidelines to facilitate the implementation of even more creative scenarios. Teachers receive included with the robot learning – are also prepared scenarios of lessons that can be a source of inspiration for conducting a robotic workshop in the classroom. These materials are adapted to the age of students.