Stepper motor controllers

The use of stepper motors allows for precise and effective operation of machines. We offer controllers that allow you to control two-phase and four-phase stepper motors. In addition, stepper motor controllers from our offer have the ability to control motors supplied with current from 1A to 8A. Stepper motor driver is a basic element of every machining and industrial machine, which comprise a stepper motor.


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Products by page

Explore innovative stepper motion controllers

At Botland online store we have prepared a vast offer of the finest electronics, which include cameras and recorders, prototype boards, voltage regulators, buttons and switches, integrated circuits and drivers for motors and servos. That last category contains, among other things, specialistic stepper motion controllers. It is worth noting that this product is used to ensure efficient and highly precise machine operation. We have made sure that Botland offer includes various versions of the controllers. That is why you can find here models with a Voltage from 1.8 up to 47 V and products which have the ability to control motors supplied with current from 1A to 8A. It’s worth noting that motion controllers provide protection against the reverse connection of the supply voltage.

Gain even more control over your work

It is worth noting that stepper motion controllers are effectively employed in many various industries. They can be used in robotics, scientific projects, measuring devices and when it comes to automation. Of course, they also work well with innovative CNC machines such as plotters and 3D printers. Some companies even use them in toys. Their popularity should not be any surprise - stepper motion controllers enable operators to have even better command over the machines and allow them to quickly accelerate or pause the work. What is essential, controllers allow managing not only the speed of the motor rotation but also its direction. These products are also excellent at controlling the sizes of the microchips, known also as the resolution. Explore our offer of this innovative product and find the model that fits your needs the best. And if you have never worked with motion controllers before, don’t worry - our online store also provides specific suggestions on how to correctly connect the motors. See for yourself!